Squash courts

I am looking for a squash court to play at. Preferably in Panchiao. Are there any leagues out there?

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We play squash here in Nankan. PM me if you wanna drive here for a match!

It’s not in Banqiao, but as Gupo wrote in topic 18765, Tai-Da has some great new squash courts. They are good quality (the one in Shualien is a little decrepit), and they have the “new” international lines. However, the wall goes up to a particularly high ceiling, so if you are a more recreational player, the “lines” can be as blurry as you wish.

The Tai-da courts are at the intersection of XinSheng and XinHai in the basement of the sports complex. A 7 minute walk eastish on XinHai from Tai Power MRT. Membership is 50NT and peak (evening/weekend) prices are 300NT/court and regular prices are 200NT/court.

Next to the 4 courts are a set of indoor badminton courts.