Or strategize and figure out where these guys don’t go…

I’d share with you my secrets, but then they would no longer be secret. : D



the independent places are much less crowded. but i ain’t paying 150 -200 ntd for a drink.

You’re right, you rather pay a big chain 170 NT$, instead of supporting independent shops.

where did 170nt come from? i spend $40NT to get a tea without sugar. i don’t go to starbucks.
you can get a basic tea for less than 50NT in all of the drink shops, but in those independent cafes theres bugger all on the menu for less than 150nt. no thanks.

From a big chain tea shop?
I’d take my own tea then for 4 NT$ a bag, put it in a thermos and go sit in 7-11 all day!

Maybe can reuse Starbucks paper cups, fill with tap water from the sink, and spend nothing.

Or like many really do, bring own thermos bottle.

louisa coffee. as i said, thats around the price of basic tea in every drinks shop, which you can find on every street in taiwan, but yea your joke is pretty funny i guess. hardly anyone drinks tea in taiwan! just take a tea bag HAHAHAha! funny man.

I’ve spent up to six weeks recently in Europe. Been to around 10 different Starbucks stores.

I always order the same thing Americano black coffee. Tastes nice. Then Taiwan whenever I order the same thing it tastes bitter and terrible. I don’t know if because of lower quality coffee by Starbucks Taiwan or they just don’t know how to make it.

I still remember the time when tea was still tea in Taiwan, now it’s milk with some tea liquid.

There’s still tea!

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I know, there is good tea around, but not in one of the zillion ‘tea shop’ chains!

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Louisa is not bad … except their sandwiches, which taste like feet.

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Yeah. Got one of their sandwiches once…truly scary.

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How does one actually know what feet taste like? Ew.

Anything at Starbucks even remotely worth eating? I remember years back their muffins were decent, but gone now.

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Absolutely not.

Their menu is odd. Corn and cucumber toasted sandwiches, chocolate brownies with raisins in them. Weird stuff like that. I ordered a beef toasted sandwich once and it was indeed a toasted sandwich…with a burger inside. Don’t think I’ve ordered any food there Since, that was the last straw.

Now have reusable cups that look like the traditional cup.

Buy one for $75 and then $10 discount for drinks.

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This may be the most photographed, non-photogenic, spot in Chiayi County with constant stream of people outside doing selfies and group pictures.

Starbucks in small village Minxiong near Chiayi is a new separate building but nothing special besides a drive-thru and a big parking in back. Starbucks Chiayi Minxiong, No. 235, Section 1, Jianguo Road, Minxiong Township, Chiayi County,

The lemon tarts are okay.

Taichung has very good tea chains.