This Starbucks flask here could be used for any type of nice liquid.

Might be tricky to use as a bed pan.

you’re probably right.

The volume of urine passed each time by a normal adult will vary from around 250 - 400mls. This is the same as about 2 cupful’s.

Looks like an oil container.

It’s bitter because they don’t wash coffee machine properly. That’s also case in quite few other coffee shops in Taiwan.

Two shops that closed recently. They were both crowded most of the time. I wonder if this is part of the international restructuring or local restructuring.

No. 263, Section 2, Dunhua South Road

110, Taipei City, Xinyi

Not Starbucks.


American dining culture FTW!

More progress towards world domination through delivery.

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These delivery scooters have already become a big pain in the buttocks


Like we need more people driving on pavements, parking randomly and generally behaving badly.

Also what’s wrong with people walking to somewhere . I’m afraid it will end up like this smart phone fiasco with ppl sitting on their asses at home.and becoming even more desocialised . Let’s see. Mainly it’s just a load of extra traffic.

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Exactly. I’m going to make a wild statement here and say that maybe half the scooters on the roads are people not wanting to walk 10 minutes.

Ok but walking is dangerous and it’s too hot in summer and it rains too much.

Back to square one :sweat_smile:


I use ubereats and foodpanda like pretty much every day lol

They’re becoming a real menace. I have to dodge them on my scooter, and then when I get to a restaurant to order some takeout, there’s a long line of them in front of me. :rage:


What do you order?

Your drinks will be delivered at the highest quality possible, NOT!

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I’ve not used either service yet the missus helps to take care of hunger otherwise I just do a funny thing called going outside to eat.

Delivery services wouldn’t be so bad if it was a little cute Japanese robot that said konichawa or something and trundled past you, not the current Taiwanese version even if it does 'employ ’ a lot of people.

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Dinner or bubble tea.

Surprised we don’t have thousands of drones delivering food to your doorstep. We mostly have the tech now