Taiwan ARC criminal record check


AIUI, an arrest is an arrest and will show up, conviction or not. I wasn’t convicted and mine showed up (Not a DUI).

If you’ve been FP’d, it will show up. At least how it was explained to me.


Yeah guys I’m not kidding. It came back totally clean. It said " no arrest record" I think the cop may have felt bad arresting me I was a crying mess, would have been an awful mugshot. But I had to spend 1 day in jail after I was convicted and got finger printed and a mugshot then. I think maybe they only send arrrest records to the fbi maybe? Not convictions? I remembered not getting fingerprinted when arrested so I’ve had this secret hope the whole time but it seemed too far fetched to be a real possibility. Anyway states and feds had a communication error and ya girl is in the clear!


A cop could lose their job if they didn’t file your arrest because they “felt bad for you.” Sounds to me like it was a lucky bueracratic fuck up. Maybe he was a rookie or there was poor oversight at this precinct. shrug

Convictions definitely show on FBI records. My friend had a misdemeanor public intox conviction show up on his check. So yeah, DUIs would normally show up as well. You got really lucky lol


Wow well the stars aligned for me I guess. I feel like the world is my oyster right now. Best of luck to the rest of you all! Hope everything works out. Very weird how this turned out for me. Honestly now that I’m not in the situation and can look from a less emotional perspective I really feel like it will be OK for you all. In Taiwan often times DUI’s do not mean criminal charges the first time around, just a steep fine is my understanding. And many of you have DUI’s from over 5 years ago not recently. Good luck!


I wasn’t so lucky. My work permit was not approved and I was let go from my job for a misdemeanor DUI. So now I’m in a foreign country without a job, great situation to be in let me tell you. I guess I’m going back home guys.


Oh, and another guy in my training group was let go (same company) for a reckless op misdemeanor he got for speeding excessively when he was younger.


Looks like the new regulation will get quite a few people in trouble.


You could try getting a job at a public school. No background check needed for schools. Maybe you think it’s a long shot, but might as well try before you give up.


this is terrible news


Thanks. I’ll try, there are other options.


what other option are you thinking? I’m thinking Vietnam


Private tutoring or getting a non-teaching job at a cram school. How’s Vietnam look?


Not sure on whether you can a work permit in vietnam with dui but apparently they accept state level clearances and a lot of people work without the permit anyway and just do visa runs.

Pay is between 20-30$us per hour, everything is cheaper, so if mine doesnt get accepted i will give it a whirl before i give up and go home


Private tutoring is fine if you have open work rights, which most foreigners in Taiwan don’t.

If I’m not mistaken, you need a criminal record check for any job at a buxiban, not just a teaching job.


Just because your application for a work permit was rejected initially, does that mean you can never try and apply again at different locations? Would there be a record of permit rejection at the issuing agency?


I’m 99% sure the answer is “no.”


So it is possible that you could always get lucky and be approved. It doesn’t sound like there is a downside to trying to get sponsored by other schools if your first attempt falls through.


Maybe, but that’s not what I’m saying. All I’m saying is I don’t think immigration keeps a record of people it denies ARCs to. I could be wrong, but I’d be very surprised if they kept such a blacklist.


It wouldn’t be a blacklist, but I’m 99% they would have a record… governments and bureaucracies tend to keep records of everything for ever, especially when there is a fee involved

It won’t hurt to keep trying, but I wouldn’t be too optimistic about success.

I haven’t submitted my clearance yet, but will keep working until the end of the month to recoup some of my losses (ie. the money i spent while waiting to start work).


another option is Cambodia
Pay is a bit less than here (about US1300-1800pm), but cost of living is a lot lower, apartments are a lot nicer. To get a Visa you pay $35 at the border for a 1 month business visa and then extend it for up to a year once you are there. I’ve heard there’s a lot of shit teachers/backpackers (don’t require a degree or tefl), but any reputable school will require it and it will be a lot easier to find a job + get better pay if you have the quals.