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It was the other way around.

Some idiot on some stupid political show in Taiwan said that Chinese people cant afford tea eggs and this caused a whole political uproar. But it was a minor show that hardly anyone knows.

Decent my ass. That is one of the worst, most braindead talk shows of all time. The hosts are intolerable. Especially that cunt. If that’s soft power then I’d rather not have any.

What Chinese shows are young Taiwanese watching? For a few years people were watching a lot of period dramas (one of them is legit great), that’s it. No one is watching any Chinese shows nowadays.

Idk what you are on about. Taiwanese music is very successful in China (and in Singapore and Malaysia). I personally hate it, but it is objectively successful.

There are way better shows in Taiwan than in China these days. They are still bad, but compared to Chinese garbage Taiwanese shows are like The Wire. You clearly know nothing about it.


Yes, terrible show. 小S especially was insufferable. I could never understand why that show was so popular…nothing but braindead celebrity gossip.


I’m speaking in relative terms here. Can’t watch anything on tv now for more than 10 min except the news.

Bailinguo has good interviews but that’s a podcast. I enjoy the talk show format on occasion.

Not the tea egg but the example I was referring to was this. Eating seafood in Taiwan is supposedly luxury.

Taiwan TV is shit.

Im not talking about Netflix/HBO shows etc

But Taiwan terrestrial TV is shit. Nobody under 50 watches it. Thats the reason that all the ads on TV are for hearing aids or chicken essence.

This ship has sailed.


I don’t like her but that was taken out of context and people made a mountain out of a molehill. She said eating seafood in Taiwan was luxury for her because she grew up poor. Not eating seafood in Taiwan is luxury.


For a talk show, something like 新聞挖挖哇 has a bit more substance. The political talk show 鄭弘儀 used to host was better, but it got cut unfortunately.

You’ve apparently never watched tv from China. The absence of 康熙來了 and new music to the level of 周杰倫 whether or not you like or it is up to western standards is irrelevant. It did a lot for soft power.

This all I watch now. But some gossip would be entertaining every now and then.

Young Taiwanese dont really listen to 大咖 musicians anymore. The market has changed and become more mature.

People like smaller and more niche artists now. The era of big Taiwanese mandopop is over.

But all of those stars are still huge in China

I think the music is better these days anyway.

吃海鮮是奢侈在那 sounds like that to me. And let’s be honest, you can get seafood pretty cheap here.

Would like to here your suggestions. Everything I hear is shit nowadays.

I like 9m88 a lot
I like Leo王

depends what you like


What she said was 「早年家裡的經濟壓力也挺大的,其實吃海鮮是奢侈的在那」

Then why is there so much discussion of kids using simplified characters, listening to mainland songs and watching mainland dramas? Compared to the early 2000s Taiwanese pop culture, ie soft power has dropped off a cliff.


Sounds like the entire place she grew up and either way like I said who is so poor they can’t eat seafood? Sounds like bullshit. They’re all sell outs anyway not sure why you’d stick up for that.

The simplified stuff is because of Xiaohongshu and Tiktok, rather than TV shows or music.

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I think it’s a combination of all three. Every article I’ve read mentions 陸劇 as well.