Taiwan Drug Busts

124 cases cracked each day on average…yeah, I know that they are probably including every charge against every person but…124 cases cracked each day on average?

Taiwan’s drug squad are SHAFT…damn rights. Who’s the cat that won’t cop out when there’s dangerous teachers all about?
(1366) Shaft Intro Original - YouTube

They weigh the leaves, and stems and bud if there is any even there.

It Ket be true!

As I suspected.

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If you read Mandarin

Caught ordering marijuana by mail from USA. 13 people, around NT$2 - 3M.

Included smoking paraphernalia (bongs) and a big green “Popeye the Sailorman” bong


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The drug was sent to Taiwan in tea leaf cans or biscuit boxes to deceive customs officials

I assumed they would use sniffing dogs on most packages. :man_shrugging:

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They have sniffer dogs there , but

I imagine there would be prosecutions in the US as well as marijuana is still a controlled substance according to the Federal law, and the package was sent overseas, therefore the Federal government has clear jurisdiction. Also it involves international smuggling of a controlled substance. But no legitimate website in the US would ever send marijuana cross state lines if it is legal in that state. Heck they wouldn’t send firearm parts outside of the US either (as it falls under ITAR).

Probably legally much safer to just grow a couple of plants yourself than try to smuggle it in.

Says they paid in bitcoin, plenty of dark websites along the lines of the silk road where pretty much anything goes. Don’t ask more about them as I don’t go looking for them just know they exist.

This is why I don’t pay taxes…

You’d have to pay me to smoke that garbage that is in the pic.