Taiwan Drug Busts

I don’t get what you’re saying. Edit. You deleted the bit I didn’t get.

As a side thought, I wonder if my kids would be reported as foreigners if they did something wrong.


If the win an award they are Taiwanese. Otherwise …


I used to know him as a friend over thirty years ago, but I haven’t seen him in at least ten years. He and his wife used to run Amigo’s bar, before they started up Who’s.
He got deported for marijuana, but was granted re-entry a few years ago. I guess once bitten, not shy. My sons knew him as well; he used to surf at Dulan.


And now living the English teaching dream!

When other entrepreneurial endeavors fail…

Anything interesting to see or do in Taitung other than the coffee shops?

Access to the water—it’s right there in the city.

Chow down on the seemingly infinite variety of green onion pancakes available in town (for very reasonable prices!) as outlined in the excellent (if not fully current) Bergmann blog:

Sit back and enjoy life!



Is it a walkable place or do you need transportation to go from the city to water to other local places of interest?

Taitung City is ludicrously dispersed on the edges of town (this includes the train station area); more walkable in the downtown core, including the Tiehua area, Chunghua Road (the main shopping drag), and the waterfront.



And then add in heat, humidity, possible rain, not very walkable city except in the very central few block area. Taitung even seems to take longer between interesting spots when going by car.


Definitely car or motorcycle (or bicycle if you’re the healthy type). Most places to visit are outside of town. Certainly an outdoors place.

122 kilograms of heroin and 300 kg of ketamine

Possibly just trying to get into Kaohsiung for onward shipment.

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Dumbass or scapegoat for bigger operation who knows.

arranged the deal with a man in China through the LINE messaging app. Sun said he had been told to wait for further instructions from China to pass the drugs on to another person.