Taiwan Drug Busts

I’m very disappointed that the K-Man’s article about this Canadian guy isn’t as rich of puns as this thread. Is he on the decline?

Busted. But it was blazin’ fun.

You definitely Bogarted that one. :sunglasses:

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They probably let the dumbass go through while giving a courtesy ring to the customs desk in Taipei. Then laughing their heads off.

I can’t imagine how someone would think the x-ray wouldn’t notice that much weed.

I was indignant when I just walked through from Canada. Don’t I look suspicious? Dangerous? Too old and harmless looking, I guess- though that’s what they said about Clint Eastwood in Mule.
That much, they were probably tipped off ahead of time, and used the X-ray machine as an excuse.

That’s not all they have in that airport. It’s one of the most secure airports in the world. Taiwan was once the world leader in CCTV cameras and spy technology. And I haven’t even mentioned their world class sniffer dogs, but I’ll say no more than that!

sorry for posting the link again but…


1: No one is that stupid, full stop NOBODY

2: Canadian of African descent? Two birds one stone in that set up.

3: Anyone with the ability to vacuum pack that quantity and I assume quality of weed, whilst having the funds to buy it all is an industry insider and knows how dumb this is.

4: You would never get that bag out of Toronto’s airport. North American airports have been on security lock down since 9/11 and those things would have been flagged during the pre-boarding X Rays.

Follow this case, I bet it goes away.

Too big, too ‘back-patty’ too full of shit.


A Canadian caught with this much pot? There is a lot of potential longevity

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I looked at that picture again.

:thinking:, so those “kind” and “courteous” baggage handlers/TSA agents decide not to help themselves to this luggage??

Think you’re onto something…

What´s going to be the defense?
Bigfoot forced me to do it?

Another example of stoned people having bright ideas.

World class sniffer dogs ? Where did you get this information ?

Does it not depend on which plane he took? It doesn’t stipulate this in the article. A regular passenger plane full of tourists, sure the bags would have been found. But a private plane from somewhere else, stopping off in Toronto before going forward to Taoyuan, would baggage handlers even be involved?

From me

What’s your involvement with sniffer dogs ?

Are you involved in k9 detection work here ?

I hear your point but more than I want to think about.


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I could imagine the conversation from the baggage handlers in Canada.

“Look at all that weed, what idiot thought we wouldn’t notice?”
“he’s taking the piss.”
“Where’s it going?”
“Taiwan, he’ll get 10 years for that over there”

“Let him go” :smirk:


Wonder why they didn’t put a GPS tracker in or something and follow him to his next destination in Taiwan?

I’m sure it’d be much more helpful to catch the receiving end instead of the courier.

Maybe they didn’t want to know where it was going?

GPS tracker, multiple surveillance Vehicles (not cop scooters), a stakeout and then multiple arrests.

Just how organised do you think that are?

Grab the guy, job done, go home and eat doughnuts :doughnut:

it goes beyond that.


Yes, weed is legal in Canada, but only up to a certain weight (likely an ounce, you can google if you want) and carrying that amount would land you in police custody.

I still smell a fish, even moreso.

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