Taiwan has the right to self determination

Taiwan independence seeker.

Greater China means mainland China, Macau, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

Taiwan belongs to China, the Republic of China, but does not and has not been controlled by the PRC.

And night markets

It means what people with power and money want it to mean.

In Taiwan. Most of the time.

‘Greater China’ is a political device used by China to blur the lines of Taiwanese sovereignty

Taiwan belongs to the Taiwanese people. It is the Taiwanese people’s right to self-determination.

I feel it would be similar to saying “greater US” and also including Canada and Mexico.

Nooooo. Taiwan is controlled by the ROC.

The ROC includes Taiwan. Legal framework and everything.

I don’t want to go any further…plz? :laughing:

No. Taiwan is controlled by the Taiwanese people and countries don’t own people. It’s the people who own the country.

Taiwan has the right to be Taiwan.


And it’s controlled by its citizens who are overseas.

Taiwanese citizens live in Taiwan and overseas. Just like other countries. Yes. This is normal.

What’s your point?

Nations and sovereignty are a collective fiction and can be defined in any way, and has been redefined many times.

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OK, but Citizens of Taiwan have the rights of self-determination.


Some are Taiwanese. Some are Fujianese. To take everyone as Taiwanese is like mob rule.

They can join China if they want. It’s their right.

They can make their own country if they want. It’s their right.

They can join the rest of Taiwan if they want. It’s their right.

Your point is moot.

Rights are another fiction. They only mean what people find it most convenient to agree that they mean.

They can overthrow the ROC if they like and fight a brutal, gruesome war and declare independence.

The laws in Taiwan are under ROC and places like Kinmen are not part of Taiwan, but part of the ROC. I’m also going to add that the flagged post should be changed to including Kinmen and Matsu. A lot of the names aren’t under Chunghwa without a reason.

Until then, I just don’t think it would be good to continue ROC discussions under this thread.

Btw…try some real Taiwanese next time when the restaurants reopen. Ask for 台菜.

Edit: @Marco!

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My finger slipped.

Some people started a Taiwan Provisional Government a few years ago and was shut down, I think charged with treason or something similar.

I don’t think China is particularly responsible for spreading the use of “Greater China” in English, is it?

Most of the time when I’ve encountered it it’s been used by multinational companies to refer to regional offices/employees, I guess as a way to avoid sensitivities regarding the political status. And until Taiwan drops the word “China” from the official country name and airlines and everything else, I find it a bit hard to be too offended by “Greater China”.

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They are, its a clever political device that few at first object to. But when you look at it, it helps to simply blur the lines between Taiwan and China without saying much. Thats why its palatable to many companies, even Taiwanese ones.