Taiwan is going to ban pitbulls

So destroy them all and go back to breeding ground zero.

Were they called pit bulls back when they were nannies?

No. Back then they were known as pit nannies.


Such a fine line between nannie and murdering bastard…


I had a pit bull before and it was the greatest dog ever. That said, there’s some real reasons to ban them. Selectively bred to fight, extremely strong and powerful, relentless… once they bite and latch on to something there is no way to get it to let go until it’s ready.

Unless they’re socialized well they can freak out around small kids and it just takes one misunderstanding in the dogs brain to think the kid is a threat. I don’t think it’s just on the owners, there’s definitely an aggressive side to them more than other dogs.

Humans can either work with powerful, strong animals…or destroy them.

Look what selective breeding has done to pugs and other flat nosed breeds. That was not the intended plan by nature. We humans have effectively deformed a being just because we can.

With pitties it was worse. It didn’t have to be that way. They were not distorted for work or beauty, but out of the depravity of our hearts.

All dogs need training, socialization. They need to know they can trust you, follow you. The moment you take a stick and make them fight for money, run till they drop dead or breed till they die, you have broken a sacred covenant. These are the consequences.

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the real issue with the tiny dogs is that the owners keep handling them as babies and forget that they have a grown old dog in their hands.

A dog that can hurt and bite and have psychological problems if it’s needs for training, socialization and exercise are not met.

Heck, Bobby bit 6 neighbors before I could put a stop to it.

Many people in the West also mistreat dogs, it is not a problem about Taiwan, perhaps I would say many people in the West treat their pets better than their own grandparents

Let’s show the pit a bit of love.
will always be my favorite dog

I have had multiple pit bulls over the years. SBT , American Bulldogs and Dorset’s too. It’s pointless ignoring their original purposes, be it holding large horned animals still for a farmer,guarding a farm from predators and intruders or dog fighting. Strangely it was these very jobs that created a good natured dog with its family. But that was because the breeders had good sense. Dogs that could pull down an angry 300lb hog would be culled if it showed any aggression to a person. A fighting dog was of no value to a worker in England if it couldn’t live safely in his home. Most dog bites are triggered by fear, these dogs didn’t get scared easily. I’m obviously not advocating a return of blood sports, but they created the good and the bad in the breeds. If you get a bull breed you are at a higher chance of having to deal with dog aggression. Labradors retrieve , shepherds will round up your kids, springers will chase birds. I have no problem with the ban here , dog ownership here is not the best. But I don’t see the sense in banning the pitbull and allowing Central Asian Shepherds here, or Ovcharkas, I even know of a breeder bringing in wolf hybrids this year. A boerboel is ok, all 90kg designed to stop humans robbing the farm, but a 20kg pitbull is too big a risk. It’s a reaction to the media not a reaction to the events. Pitbulls in the UK were banned after a Rottweiler killed a kid, but the Rotties had kennel club backing and the APBT did not, so the attention was diverted away and action was seen to be taken. And if the young gangster wannabe wants a tough dog, and can’t have a pitbull he will get something else. The only real solution is education and punishment of the humans in my opinion.

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It doesn’t seem needed to have any large dogs
in small apartments therefore all large dog breeds should be banned in Taiwan because they are not being kept properly

Small dogs have a harder time killing people even kids

Taiwan doesn’t actually NEED any large dog breeds

The pit bull is the number one killer but all large dog breeds have killed

Dobermans , German Shepards ,you name it
Even the Saint Bernard we all thought was so friendly ,likewise the English Sheepdog

All of them can and have killed humans

I never understand people keeping large dog breeds here. Unless you live on a farm it’s animal abuse to keep them in a small apartment. Honestly if you need a dog for security a tugou works great.

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There’s a very aggressive pit bull diagonally across the lane from my place, on a short chain.

It’s true that owners look like their pets.

That thing is particularly aggressive when young kids and old people pass by. It wants to break the chain and kill.

That’s what its been bred for for generation upon generation.

It’s not what they were bred for generation after generation.

A Tugou killed that child recently.

Jack Russells have killed too on more than one occasion.

Many large breeds are fine for apartment life and many small breeds are not.

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Ask anyone who rescues animals. Oh boy, an injured cat /a cat that does not want to be caught will hurt you. May not kill you, but they will run a number on you.

And they can also tell stories of rescuing pitties, rotties, any number of large and infamously dangerous breed dogs who reacted gratefully and calmly when rescued. And became faithful, loving, calm pets with the right owners. And yes, others were too damaged by people, not born that way, but stripped of their soul, so they had to be euthanized.

True, the software in dogs is different, but breed is not destiny. How you raise them plays a larger part. Understanding, knowledge, training. Attending to the dog’s needs. That is key, no matter breed/size.

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Except a large dog breed running amok could do damage and be a threat to the community. A smaller dog may be able to injure you but they can’t kill. Mostly they just annoy you to death.

Even Chihuahuas can kill. Few, but they can, because people choose to ignore the danger.

No dogs should not run around in communities. That was OK in agrarian societies with large plots of land and few people. It is not plausible now. We can start from there.

Taiwan is not a disorganized society with no access to police services. Most people do not need to sleep with a gun under their pillow and a machete in their car, and in the same way, they do not need a dog tied by the door as guardian. That is cruel, ineffective, useless as protection and a danger to others when the dog is set loose. There are laws in place against it, but enforcement is still deficient.

It’s really not all in how you raise them. Certain breeds are hard wired to behave in a certain way. You can adjust it to a point, but if you look at a litter of pointers they point. If you look at a litter of bloodhounds the pups are air scenting before their eyes open. Retrievers retrieve and carry stuff around. Terriers dig and kill small animals. Pitbulls are not a breed for everyone. They do have a higher tendency to fight than many other breeds.

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How do chihuahuas kill? nibble you to death?

People keep guard dogs so they bark and alert the owners. Sure there are police but thefts still happen. I think CCTV system is far less of a trouble than a dog though.