Taiwan kills Xmas yet again (2018 edition)


Actually, for the junior analysts just out of undergrad, we’re talking about closer to USD80-100K all in per year. Nowhere close to USD 1 million. But i know, this is totally different.


Yeah I understand they don’t start on million USD, pure exaggeration…But they as well be compared to other new grads.


I thought it mainly depended on their year-end bonuses.


Financial industry here used to get bonuses as big as 10 months. But with the stock market moribund and FINIs not interested those bonuses are now as low as one month. And when you’re working 7 am to 9 pm as a research associate…that sucks.


I still remember the 80s/90s when TWSE was booming and foreign funds were desperate to get in on the action via the QFII quotas which never seemed big enough to satisfy demand. What a difference now.


yeah, and during results reporting season, it goes way past 9pm, way past…happy those days are well behind me.


In other news, water is wet…


Reform is usually unpopular.