Taiwan Luthiers Looks at Properties

I really want a first floor place where I can move machines into. I’m sure it’s possible with these places but if I need to work to pay mortgage for these places I’m not sure what option I have. I have no way to generate substantial income working remotely.

Jobs are going to be extremely limited in those locations. They’re cheap for a reason.

Ok I thought it was me that was the one that is looking for a house.
STRANGE given that it’s even in the title. :sweat_smile:

(Ok I think Marco merged the threads and killed my poll… I’m all kinds of confused now. What’s going on @Marco :))


The poll is still there.

Topics were just too similar.

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Well they actually weren’t.
One was for general discussion of countryside living and properties and the other was for my own selfish use to get some recommendations (I even put my name in the title on purpose).

Now it’s all mishmashed together in a giant unwieldy thread and I can’t find the poll.

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I just gave you the link to the poll

Can you get mortgages on foreclosed properties or court auctions? I would think there’s going to be a lot more haunted houses in those and last I googled, banks won’t mortgage haunted houses.

Means if say a house in a good location (accessible by mrt), first floor, sells for 4 million because it’s haunted, doesn’t mean much if I don’t have the cash for it.




So what factors do banks consider if I found a 凶宅 and wanted a bank to finance it? I did read articles in Chinese and it says banks won’t loan for haunted houses, or houses under 15 pings.

Some good buys here if you don’t mind living in a xiongzhai: https://www.unluckyhouse.com/

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I wouldn’t mind buying xiongzhai but everything I’ve read says banks won’t touch it with a 10 foot pole. I don’t care about all the superstitious bs.

I would care if the place was used as a crack house though as Mafia members may have used to hang out there.

Seems xionzhai is much less of a problem in the states, because house serial killers did their crimes in (like Jeffery Dahmer) goes for a lot of money.

I’m not sure I’m ready to buy real estate. I feel like a million ways for me to be burned there. I could be played like a fiddle and wouldn’t know til years later.

None. It’s a dealbreaker.



You’re not sure?

I said that banks won’t finance a haunted house and you said I’m wrong. Now you said I’m right again?

Which is it?

The bank said it’s a haunted house? You cannot be serious.

Does the bank bear the burden of proof? What constitutes a haunted house - a light tapping on a pipe in the wall, or a severed head screaming at you in the living room?


“haunted house” means a house where someone died in it unnaturally, either by suicide or a murder happened.

If a house is foreclosed on, and auctioned off, there’s a much higher probability that the house will have been involved in an incident.

I said banks wouldn’t touch those with a 10 foot pole and Marco said I’m wrong, but now he contradicted himself. I’m not superstitious about stuff so I don’t care but Taiwanese are very superstitious about it, which is why these house won’t sell.


So you have no evidence just your gut feeling?

Come on man. You talk to grown ass men like we’re middle school students. I simply don’t know how to respond.

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Not gut feelings, based on everything I’ve read about mortgages, and talking with realtors, banks won’t touch those properties.

Marco said I was wrong, then said I was right again.