Taiwan Stimulus Vouchers and Relief Packages Discussion

Did you guys hear about this?

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That feeling when hotels and restaurants will increase their prices by 2.5x…feelsbadman


Yes :wink:

They’re not actually cheques, are they? I didn’t get the full story, but it looked like you have to pay 1K and you get 3K for it, and there was something about getting it added back if you use electronic payments. I’m hoping that means if I buy one with my Easycard then it gets added back to that.

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I don’t understand as well. And are people limited to 1?

Seems to me that a voucher with a value artifically set to 3k that you pay 1k for might be worth more than 1k in the short term but will quickly devalue closer and closer to 1k. Right or wrong? Wrong? I’m only supposing.

I was wondering the same thing. I guess it all depends on how it’s implemented, which doesn’t seem to be clear yet.

If it’s something like you pay 1k and get 3k of vouchers to spend in a similar manner as cash on certain categories of stuff (train tickets, hotels, restaurants, night markets, whatever it is) with few restrictions (although I’m not sure how they’d handle that for online bookings and stuff)…maybe it’d be worth it.

If it’s something like a fixed collection of vouchers for several different categories, that can only be spent in certain chains of hotels etc., with a load of restrictions, an expiry date, and some convoluted registration process, I can’t imagine I’d bother, personally, just for the sake of a “free” 2k (so a couple of meals for two or 1.5 nights in a cheapish hotel, say). I don’t think that would stimulate me very much, tbh.

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I believe that the ‘fine print’ of the vouchers will be released later today. And actual usage of the vouchers starts July 15 and the idea is that you can order the vouchers online (pay 1K) and then get the 3K vouchers for pickup. Or go to a post office to pay 1k and get the 3k vouchers. Or get a digital voucher which somehow is attached to a credit card or other digital payment system and you would get a 2k ‘credit/refund’.

I’d guess that the vouchers only have to be used ‘in person’ and not ‘online’ purchases. I don’t think they will be like department store vouchers or attached to any ‘chain stores’ with crazy minimums or restrictions.

I think you can use them on even the simplest and low value transaction. Some media outlets say even at night markets or taxi fare. My guess is expiration date might be December 31st. If you are looking to stimulate the economy then I would doubt they would allow these vouchers to be valid forever.

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Is the limit 1 per person?

I’d think they have to…otherwise you will certainly have wealthy people ‘gaming’ the system or people selling 3k vouchers for 2500NT.

But so far it looks like there is no age or income restrictions so perhaps if you have a family you could use your kids also.

Today should have a press conference on it.

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I’m very happy that the government has given foreign residents a thought and added us into the scheme. The last stimulus promotions didn’t include foreigners so it’s a start.


I didn’t watch the press conference but the ‘restrictions’ on use of the vouchers all seem pretty standard.

You cannot use them on ‘most’ online shopping, tax payments, fines, fees, tobacco, insurance policies, stocks, national annuities, card fees, gift certificates

The vouchers must be used between July 15 and December 31st.

Not for foreign residents, only foreign spouses. Was wondering why the Chinese text I was seeing didn’t link up with the English stories. Seems someone misunderstood.


They wanted to discriminate against foreigners but took pity on those having to deal with Taiwanese in-law’s. /s


Lol… :roll_eyes:

I remain unstimulated. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yes those English news stories from a day or two ago seem to be quoting a ‘source’.

Guess that source had some wrong info.


I believe this is the one you’re talking about:

The title specifically stating residency permit holders will be eligible to receive it and the article stating

“Asked to comment, a source familiar with the matter told CNA Sunday that foreign nationals, including Chinese spouses married to Taiwanese citizens who have obtained residency permits, will also be able to buy the vouchers.”

Why is Minister Kung saying one thing and Minister Hsu saying something else?

I need to call the MP.


Can these be used on Linsen N. Road, Dway Boo Dway?

I saw the amusement parks saying buy 1 get 1 free. LOL. They will just keep their list price which they usually don’t charge people anyway.

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