Taiwan Stimulus Vouchers and Relief Packages Discussion

We’re Interior Designers. Most of our projects were canceled. :grimacing:


I’d like to say “Typical Taiwan” but it’s been the same everywhere else as far as those countries temporary peoples and stimulus payments have been concerned. So I’m not surprised. And especially not surprised that Taiwan would put such onerous tasks in place. I can also see these payments being claimed on behalf of APRC holders without their knowledge and the companies or those responsible for making the applications pocketing the money. It’s just too easy. It’s all becoming a bit of a shitshow.

Try Taichung and Hsinchu. My wife can’t keep up with demand in Hsinchu.


Exactly. We aren’t people just outsiders.

When I finally have a house to myself, I’ll give you a shout when I need some design work!

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Thanks brother!

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At that point, it wasn’t the virus I was worried about — it was survival.

As a foreigner who has lived in Taiwan for several years and is less than a year from being eligible for an APRC, I am still sponsored by an employer so I can maintain legal residence and employment here. However; I would have never taken the path I did had I known it would pave the way for what happened over the next several weeks.

Immediately, I panicked and thought to myself, “Where is the support system everyone brags so much about here in Taiwan, especially for foreigners?” “You are my only legal employer here in Taiwan,” I told my employer. “As a foreigner with no support network or other legal means of finding work, how will I pay my rent? How will I be able to eat, and how will I survive?”

This is rich that Taiwan News is publishing this. Keoni Everington, George Liao and the lot don’t care about foreigners. You can see with Keoni’s inflammatory writing over the years.

You, Kman and George Liao especially, contributed to this. You are part of the problem. You were not only complicit, but actively put targets on our backs.

Taiwan News doesn’t care about foreigners. Only clicks.

Shame on you Taiwan News for pretending to care.



The Taiwan Higher Education Union (THEU) on Tuesday (July 20) called on Taiwan’s education and labor ministries to extend their COVID relief subsidies to foreign students.
The THEU asserted that the government’s COVID relief policies should take everyone living in Taiwan who has been affected by the pandemic into account. It said that it should not matter whether a person is a foreign migrant worker, foreign student, or Taiwanese citizen, because they are are all “indispensable members of maintaining the overall status of the society.”

The union emphasized that only by taking all people living in the country into account when devising such relief benefits can Taiwan truly live up to its epidemic prevention slogan: “one island, one life."


You see why would the government deliberately exclude foreign students from relief. It’s not like they can go and leave Taiwan!

So petty and mean.

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This time around, the plan under consideration is for those eligible to pay NT$2,000 to get vouchers worth five times that amount, the official said.

The official said, however, that any stimulus plan depended on containing COVID-19.

If the virus spreads and restrictions on gatherings and people’s movements are put in place, the second round of stimulus vouchers to spur consumption would not be considered, he said.

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perfect. Need to pay money to get Monopoly money that isn’t even accepted everywhere. Once again, the government spending more money to print the damn paper than the “money” is worth. Good move TW. Always thinking about the most logical way to do things!

Ah, I think many of the members in this forum won’t have to worry about where to spend their vouchers anyway :roll_eyes: :man_shrugging:


Yeah…small businesses have a harder time with it right…? Especially since they have to keep extra cash on hand for change and have to wait a while to refund the ‘tickets’ for money, whereas the big businesses can handle it just fine.


When 98% of the country has got the vouchers, the government will benevolently give the last 2% to select foreigners just to get rid of the leftovers. Maybe. But likely not. Because screw you, that’s why


We give to foreigners too…The ones with Two left feet , a Gammy eye and I love Taiwan YouTube video.

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I wonder if not receiving the voucher qualifies for a special deduction because of hardship for the taxes next year… :thinking:


That Formosa News report says it’ll be November at the earliest.

What kind of plan is this? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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That’s the trick, you already spent 2000 NT$ even before buying anything.

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