Taiwan to lift ractopamine restrictions

I just think its more likely the way US politics works. The Chinese element is a possibility

Looking at Biden’s picks for defense secretary and CIA director, I would be very surprised if a BTA with Taiwan is seriously in play going forward.

Sure, but the government still has not done a good job in terms of communication, and there is still some debate about efficacy of labelling. People dont want their cake and eat it, they just want to know what kind of cake they are getting for their money, or any cake at all.

Taiwan’s government has expressed a strong interest in
starting talks toward a comprehensive free trade agreement
with the United States. Many Members of Congress have
called on the U.S. Trade Representative (USTR) to
prioritize such an effort, including 161 House Members
who signed on to a joint letter in December 2019, and 50
Senators who signed on to a joint letter in October 2020.
The American Chamber in Taipei has called on the Taiwan
government to remove trade irritants to improve prospects
for talks, noting in its 2019 White Paper that U.S.-Taiwan
relations appear better than in decades. A trade deal could
increase two-way trade and investment, strengthen ties, and
help Taiwan diversify away from China by giving other
countries cover to resist pressure from Beijing and pursue
similar agreements with Taiwan. Taiwan concluded trade
agreements with New Zealand and Singapore in 2013, and
reportedly has sought trade and investment agreements with
Australia, the European Union, Japan, and the United
Kingdom. U.S. withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific
Partnership (TPP) in 2017 hurt Taiwan’s ability to join the
TPP, an amended agreement, TPP-11, as well as the
Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)
that were signed without the United States and Taiwan.
The U.S. government appears inclined to wait until Taiwan
removes longstanding agriculture barriers before
committing to talks. Other political, economic, and labor
considerations could also defer U.S. action. In August 2020,
Taiwan President Tsai announced her intention to ease U.S.
pork and beef restrictions by executive order. In September
2020, Taiwan’s Council of Agriculture announced it would
remove restrictions on ractopamine as a feed additive for
pork, and Taiwan’s Food and Drug Administration issued a
draft regulation to establish a Maximum Residue Limit
(MRL) for ractopamine in pork

US always pushes the pork, but its usually part of a trade deal not the foreplay before considering possibly maybe to start talks for one

before committing to talks

Here is a timeline: There have been no trade talks between Taiwan and US since Trump took office.

Biden said he’s not going to discuss trade deals until the economic situation is stabilized at home.

When you do find it, post a picture of it here before you eat it.

So…like never.


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Hot pot shop in Kaoshuing. Was asked (not by me) where was pork from , answer not from the USA (Did not ask was it from the USA) and point to signage on the photo. ( The girl working did not the country of Demark BTW and said another bigger EU nation ). It’s carrying over to Beef as people also ask, Americans should try keep low profile.

Let them eat Australian beef!

Why should anyone be afraid of the free market? As an American, I could care less if Taiwanese choose not to eat American pork, beef, etc.

夜夜秀 (night night show) Came back last night after a years for a very funny special on ractopork.