Taiwan versus South Korea (infrastructure in general, green areas, etc.)

And they outsource bad things to fuck over poor countries.

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Taiwan has gotten pretty good at that game too, exporting brutally polluting industries to Malaysia, Vietnam, etc.



So that makes it ok for Taiwanese companies to do it?great! Why not try and be the best. Nope. Gotta be a flog and follow what everyone else does.

I didn’t say that, nor did I imply it.

That’s just a form of cap-and-trade.

Pay poor countries to hold pollution, because it doesn’t affect them as much.

It always surprises me that there are people who criticize so much the country where they live, but they don’t even leave.

Criticism can be constructive.

But sometimes, as we have seen, it can be just unpleasant and mean.


It’s called patriotic in English :wink: And many of us act on it in order to help change things. I wish more did as well.

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If they leave, they’ll just complain about wherever they are.

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If no one complains and/or works hard to change things in a country, where do you think that country ends up? North korea and china come to mind.

Silence is the greatest outcome of the oppressor.

I am amazed people dont applaud it to be honest.

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I have doubts that some of those who make negative comments about attitudes and customs in Taiwan do it for improve Taiwan, rather to ridicule the customs.

There are those for sure. But many of us point out stupidity because we are working to change it and want to make the problem known far and wide. Certain things xhange due to.public embarrassment. Especially political stuff. This isnt unique to taiwan or immigrants.

That would be contingent on people agreeing that it’s a problem to begin with.

I think we all can agree the fact that Chen Shih-chung is a dentist is highly problematic (never mind that an epidemiologist isn’t a doctor anyway).

Who is this “we”?

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Was being sarcastic.

Fascinating story on a Canadian teacher in Korea. Sounds like the basis for a CBC movie.

In a secret letter sent from prison to a bestselling author in the guise of a gift, a Korean-Canadian man serving time in South Korea said he is being tortured by prison personnel. While Canadian officials say they are aware of the case, South Korea’s Ministry of Justice has denied the allegations, calling them “a one-sided claim without any basis.”

In 2014, Seo, who was a teacher at Suwon Science College, had a dispute which led to a lawsuit for defamation and insult against his former student and teaching assistant. This ultimately resulted in a mediation meeting at the local Suwon Prosecution Office.

At some point during the meeting, Seo left the room and allegedly returned with sulphuric acid– spraying his former teaching assistant, the assistant’s family and members of the prosecution office, according to local reports.

The teaching assistant suffered second-degree burns to his face, upper and lower body, and his parents and members of the prosecution office suffered burns on their faces, hands and thighs, according to court documents filed for Seo’s 2016 sentencing hearing and local reports.

In an email to CTVNews.ca, Suwon Science College acknowledged that Seo used to work at the institution, but declined to comment further as “the case was a matter between Mr. Seo and the student,” and that the matter had gone before the courts.

Seo, who did not reveal the nature of the crime he is incarcerated for in the letter obtained by CTV News, has filed several appeals on various grounds, including human rights concerns.
Exclusive: Korean-Canadian man imprisoned in South Korea alleges torture in secret letter | CTV News

Thats a messy one. Im not pro torture by any means. But if he sprayed people with acid, kinda just gotta say tough shit to that arse.

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It’s not messy, human rights are for humans. That includes the freedom from cruel and unusual punishments. Our democracies are built on the premise that we’re better than that.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. Intentional inflicting of pain on someone else is indefensible, even if the victim is a bad person.

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Ya man, you are right. Absolutely. I should probably rephrase as i was gettig bit harsh on that. Torture isnt cool. However, imprisonment is literally a form of torture in itself, so the lines are very much hard to scale. i would agree with not phsycially abusing that person (which is what is being proposed by him). But along the torture spectrum, i have no issues putting him in a cell (without beatings, rape, starvation or etc). He is a real fucking bad person if that is true (i havent read into it, nor plan to. But as a hypothetical). But lets be honest, living in a bathroom with a matress is a form of torture as well. People that eat certain species of plabts dont deserve this, gays dont deserve this, people if another race dont deserve this. People that argue, meet, leave, come back and spray people with acid are asking for something bad in return. Not outright torture but punishment i would concede is warranted (if truly guilty).