Taiwanese Citizenship for US Citizen Issue

I was born in the US. Mom was born in China but became Taiwanese citizen. My dad was born in Taiwan. My dad passed away eight years ago. I have been trying to get Taiwan citizenship but keep running into problems. Parents were married in US but issue is that mom date of birth that she put on marriage license was in Chinese lunar calendar but all of her ID is US date different from Chinese birth. Consulate stated that she needs original birth certificate which is impossible as was in 1940’s where some if not all documentation like this was destroyed. I was told she has to get original birth certificate and change the DOB on the marriage certificate. Which is impossible to do especially that time when China was at war. My dad has passed so why do they need the marriage certificate? Has anyone had such a rare situation as this? Does anyone know can I just use my mom’s US passport, her Household Registration in Taiwan and my dad’s death certificate to apply for citizenship? My birth certificate has been verified in NY. They could not validate marriage certificate because of date of birth and even if I did have original birth certificate would take forever to change. Any help would be appreciated.

Since no one has responded yet, I’ll give it a try. I’m not an expert in this subject, but I will make some guesses based on my limited knowledge.

Does she still have her Taiwanese passport with ID number, or her ID card/shenfenzheng? I think these Taiwanese documents would be more relevant than the US passport or the US marriage certificate. If she has a Taiwanese passport with ID number and her ID card/shenfenzheng, then your mother can prove she has Taiwanese HHR (even if it is in “moved out” status).

Then, I think that you just need to prove that you are her son/daughter. I guess that is why they want to see your parents’ marriage certificate, which – combined with your birth certificate – would prove your ancestry. But since your parents’ marriage certificate is being rejected because of the issue of your mother’s recorded birth date, maybe you can investigate some other way to prove that you are your mother’s child without needing a marriage certificate and your mom’s birth certificate. Maybe you could ask if a sworn statement from your mother, stating that you are her child, would serve as proof of ancestry.

Do you already have an NWOHR passport?

Also, when did your mother first acquire Taiwanese HHR? Before or after you were born? This may be relevant, because if she only obtained Taiwanese HHR after you were born, then you may not be able to use her as the “sponsor” (I believe the term is “依親對象” – someone please correct me if I’m wrong) for your own HHR, and instead you would need to rely on your father’s supporting documentation – which would bring us back to the issue of the rejected marriage certificate.

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TY Mr./Ms. Hayashi. She does have her Taiwan passport w ID and her ID card/Shenfenzheng. She has been citizen since she was a little girl in the forties when they escaped war ridden China at that time. She did acquire Taiwanese HHR before I was born and has all the paperwork to show citizenship. I currently do not have NWOHR passport.

I am wondering how to go about the sworn statement. I am wondering if can be a simple statement or may there be a form that can be used and would we need an immigration lawyer to get that sworn statement. I can get notary which is not issue but having to deal with this over a year and back and fourth to the Taiwanese consulate in New York and Houston has made me go to a point of just giving up which I really do not want to as I would like to have both citizenships.

I really to appreciate your insite into this issue. I will check to see if there is a form for lineage of me and my mother. Thanks again Mr./Ms. Hayashi!!!

Maybe relevant: it seems it is possible for children born out of wedlock (to unmarried Taiwanese parents) to obtain a Taiwan passport, and possibly also citizenship (meaning HHR).

Your parents were married, but the authorities are rejecting your parents’ marriage certificate, so these other cases about children born out of wedlock might give you ideas about what alternative documentation you might use instead of your parents’ marriage certificate.

From that second thread, there is a comment by @tando that says:

The name on your cirth certificate is the same with his English name on his passport? His date of birth, address, etc. are recorded on your birth certificate? If so, I think it may be OK. If it is not so, or even it is so, Household registration office might request additional documents to prove your father daughter relationship, such as his affidavit, photos of your mother and father and you, old letters from/to him to/from your mother, DNA test, etc. You father should ask at Household Registration Office what they need to approve his appplication to acknowledge you.

Good luck, hang in there, and please let us know how it goes.

Yes, both parents name on birth certificate and has been certified by consulate in New York. Birth certificate name and on passport is the same. Dad passed 9 years ago so will not help. Thanks for replies!!!