Taiwanese student in USA accused of plotting school massacre


no…not homicide rates. You’re looking at firearm deaths. Safe to say a person who has the will to commit suicide won’t change much from lack of guns and state with almost double the firearms owned has more self defense use.


That’s in the next line. EDIT: Doesn’t mention accidents and such though.


Sure, that’s going to include accidents and suicides, but broadly proportionately, no? The difference in rate between TX and CA is considerable


Take away suicide and see the rate.

About 3.7 for 100,000 for california
About 3.2 for 100,000 for Texas.

Gun ownership is also almost double in Texas…


Yep, this would seem to show that picture here. Point taken


Andrew, would you show more humility in this same situation?

I think he’s making it a rich/poor discussion because he isn’t showing an appropriate amount of humble pie. I agree that it’s retarded to blame him for his family’s fame and apparent wealth. But, when you have endless situations where people with money and guanxi, do shit and skirt the law. You ever hear of protests against people with money in Sweden?


In what way has he skirt of the law? Did they influence corruption in the legal system that I didn’t know about?


Have you been to Taiwan? Set a fncking example for fnck sakes.


So no, you don’t have any evidence or examples of how he skirted the law.

Everyone is romanticizing this thing way out of what it is. People just like to gossip and have weird obsession over “celebrity” gossip. I don’t get why people care so much, he’s now famous lol. Stop making stupid people famous.


so I need to wait when it happen?


youre better off wearing a helmet walking around than looking out for the guy.


I mentioned this like 49 posts ago: she is giving the kid even more attention, by leaving her carrier, as if that had been the problem…


And that was my point too. The kind of people bestowed celebrity by local media are at least a dubious choice, not to say downright disgusting. Slap a cop so get a record deal? Be ultra rich yet disown your kid to the point she is squatting in a supermarket? The list goes on and on…


And just to mention that in the video, our bright kid has «invented» some kind of magnetic climbers, purpose unknown. I am worried that he is so skillful and has such unrestricted access to electronics. Bombs anyone?


Can’t tell whether you’re mostly joking or mostly serious.

That said, I think it’s perfectly normal for humans to overestimate their personal risk from terrorism. After 9/11 in the US, we had citizens in teeny tiny towns in godforsaken Nebraska (or similar) calling law enforcement with concerns they’d be attacked by terrorists. As if.

I’m not saying that you’re like those Americans. I’m just saying that one high-profile or dramatic act of terrorism can lead to humans many degrees away feeling like they’re in imminent danger.

Also, as @Andrew0409 has pointed out, this guy’s only “crime” was an aside to a classmate that may or may not have had anything to do with a school shooting. Along with the gun parts and ammo he acquired in the US, the kid is really only guilty of owning a flamethrower in Taiwan, of taking bad pictures, and of having rich parents who are entertainers.

Lots of speculation that he’s the devil incarnate, but precious little evidence of it. You can relax.


Actually, a high life policy insurance that will make millionaires out of your next of kin is a necessity living in Taiwan mostly because of blue trucks, buses and taxis, not necessarily in that order.


Where do you get such a thing? I looked for life insurance and could only get pitiful payouts. Are the payouts much higher for accidental death than death through illness, disease etc?


It’s not a ‘crime’, just a regular old felony. Felon…Banned from reentry to US.
He’s convicted of a crime in the US, with a good lawyer he just got deported after a jail stint.

In Taiwan…owning and using a flamethrower in what looks like a public place. Not neighbour material and should keep him 100ms from any school given his record…


I can sell you a death-by-flamethrower package if you like.


His crime was buying guns illegally as a foreign resident. Moreover, he was assisted in this crime by the adults around him, who acted then legally as accessories. Furthermore, he was caught in the act of those legal offenses due to a threat he openly made, which was deemed by his peers to have such credibility as to bring it to the attention of school authorities, who in turn brought it to the attention of law enforcement officers, who also thought the accusations were serious enough to warrant charges and a search.

Neither his parents nor his legal guardian in the US have come forward to say why they gave the kid so many of the « toys» he wanted at the cost of breaking the law.

The kid basically has not shown any responsibility for his actions, which have destroyed his future career and travels. What happened was a big doo doo, yet he acts completely separated from it, as if it never happened. His isolation from reality is a very serious worry.