Taiwanese student in USA accused of plotting school massacre


I don’t know much about R, so I don’t know how fair this piece is, but I think the concept is worth considering when we ponder this guy.


For lack of opportunity. Sucks when they figure out your plans before you can act on them.


Yes, of course it’s a given that yours is the majority report emanating strongly now from both coasts of the US. Creepy af, but PK Dick did write for the pulps.


it’s just creepy that a guy who’s a possible amok shooter and has been incarcerated for that, is becoming a youtube celebrity with views over 100k in just a few weeks, there’s one even more than 1m. this guy definitely has no regrets or shame about his previous actions, it’s all just one funny big joke for him. made some nice friends in jail but now he can finally again live off his parents asses and do whatever he wants to. i don’t like that idea


I don’t think the YouTube viewcount to be strange.
He’s like an animal in a zoo that Taiwanese have never seen before. With his two parents as celebrities, Taiwanese people want to “see” what this kid is all about.


maybe as an accused terrorist in the us, coming back to taiwan. you’d like to keep a low profile. but he’s just acting like a gangster priding his time served to others as a cool experience.


It’s nothing new. Movies like Taxi Driver and Natural Born Killers explored the way criminals become media celebrities.

People are strange. I can’t imagine why anyone would become a fan of his, but clearly many do.


if you can step back a moment and look at this neutrally for just a moment…he actually found a marketing niche that has been unfilled so far. I am not justifying what he is doing, but am making the analysis that he found a hole that Taiwanese previously had that was unfilled: a young potential Taiwanese urban/school terrorist who is now opening himself up on social media.
In a way, society has turned itself into this dirty landfill of putting criminals on a higher pedestal. There is more blame to spread around for what’s happening than just putting it on him or his mom and dad.


Black Mirror had an episode about that, but the concept was suicide, not homicide.




I’m expecting this kid to release a rap album about his struggles.


Actually it was quite a good episode. :2cents:

(Warning: spoiler in the plot summary.)


Well they sit back and still watch people burning that red paper money a few times a month , so I doubt I’d notice the difference.


of course! more coddling is what that demented spoilt brat needs!


lots of celebrity’s are lowlifes. people literally worship them. its pretty pathetic but not that abnormal really.


It’s a symptom of a sick society, the preoccupation with other people’s train wreck lives, especially celebrities.
Seems to be human nature to be attracted to the novel, no matter how degenerate the content.

Look at that stupid girl that was on the Dr Phil show a few years ago, very disrespectful to her mom, the audience, and Dr Phil. A few weeks later she is a popular rapper now. ( Cash me ousside how bow dat)


The main problem is the gun laws in the USA, how does a kid end up with machine guns? They are quick to point fingers at some terrorists in Europe. But even with terrorists we still don’t have as mucvh shootings as regular civilians in the USA shoot eachother.


Can confirm I worked in entertainment here and in NA for years industry is rife with degenerate twisted broken people , but they look good on camera and act human very well


Another blanket statement of ignorance of gun laws in the entire US, and not differentiating against very different states with different laws.

Do you understand what a machine gun is? He did not have any machine guns.

If we’re serious about talking About gun laws, it would help if people actually knew what they’re saying.

I’ve already posted this somewhere. It’s something ridiculous like more people got stabbed in the city of London alone last year than died from gun homicides in the very lax state of Texas where gun ownership is like 40% of the population. And the the percent of deaths from guns is like exactly the same in the state of California where the laws are the strictest where you cant even own a long gun compared to the lax state of Texas where gun ownership doubles with the same amount of population.

And seriously, do people not realize you can own guns in many European countries and they do also have many gun deaths. Europe isn’t some gun free safe Zone.


Who dat?