The Ahmaud Arbery Trial

Since the Arbery trial is about to start heating up, it seems like it deserves its own thread.

I’d draw the similarity of being able to defend your neighborhood.

What I wonder is why Arbery didn’t run through yards when people chased him with vehicles on the road. Seems odd.

A black guy running through the neighborhood isn’t something you’re allowed to “defend” against.

He ran through ditches. He was getting chased by armed men running through the streets, and you think running through people’s yards is going to improve his situation?

I haven’t followed this one closely, my understanding is a guy went jogging and was chased down then gunned down on account of being black in the wrong part of town. My position never wavered on Derek Chauvin but I did do a 180 on Kyle Rittenhouse. Has anyone been paying attention and is there more here than meets the eye (by which I mean, the headlines I saw but never really read into)?

I don’t think it’s quite this cut-and-dried, but the case for self-defense seems much weaker in this trial. I need to do some reviewing, though, as I seem to have forgotten most of the particulars since the killing first made the news.

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it rarely is, but your vague recollection and generality doesn’t really alter my own…

I’m waiting for details to come out in the trial before forming a more definite opinion, as I don’t trust anything that’s been reported in the news.

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Ah the return of the “just jogging” defense. :roll_eyes:

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The “brought a rifle across state lines” of the Arbery case.

Must be that rhetorical advocacy I’ve been hearing so much about.

If you can give us something to read, it might be informative…

There’s a massive thread about it. It led to several posters leaving the site in huffs. I’d rather not. Water under the bridge.

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Not if I search the site for his name. Anyways, I guess whatever is important will come out at the trial and be posted here. I seem to be a few steps behind on these things…

I just skimmed Wikipedia, not very helpful

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Now you done done it!


All the info is out- trial done, except for closing arguments.

I’m not sure why people are trying to link the Rittenhouse case with this one. It is completely different in that race did play a huge factor. I think the defendants are on the losing side. I think they were wrong about what Arbery was doing.
My dad built houses in the 80’s. The thieves were always came from the construction workers for that home. They always come back for a second time to pick up things they couldn’t carry before. Pops slept on a cot at the construction site, and sure enough, one of the roofers showed up. The roofer replaced everything later after feeling the barrel of a 12 gauge under his ribs. Pops would never hunt anyone down, but he’ll wait them to enter the house. He would have never shot anyone but they’d sure think he would!


this thread sucks, then

yeah, i still haven’t seen anything to change my mind on this

The jury will decide.