The AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) thread


It’s nuts. The problem isn’t really AOC, though, it’s the organization that supported her in Queens and whose organization there got her into office. Her organizational sponsor is the Democratic Socialists of America. Like all democratic socialists, they are nucking futz. They want to “end capitalism” and replace it with socialism in the US, but like all democratic socialists they refuse to define exactly what they mean by socialism, although like all socialists they have manifestos.

To the credit of the Washington Post, last August they ran a very good and criminally under-read article comparing democratic socialists to European-style social democrats. Democratic socialism has been around for more than a century, and has a long history of fudging its definition of socialism. It also refuses to state whether democracy is a means to socialism or an end (so if the DSA were somehow successful in killing capitalism in favor of socialism, and Americans then decided that we really aren’t cut out for socialism, would we be able to vote the DSA out of power? - they don’t like answering that question).

And yeah, I know this sounds like nothing more than the paranoid ravings of John McAfee. It’s not, though. The Amazon outcome in Queens just goes to show the lengths the DSA is willing to go in order to gain power (their Green New Deal is a pretty similar attack on capitalism).

Again, though, AOC is just the most popular face of the DSA. The real problem is the DSA itself, and the moves it’s now making on the Democrat party.

Here’s the article, and I strongly encourage folks to read it .


Even MSNBC agrees AOC doesn’t understand economic lol


Like I said it’s stupid bullshit that annoys me.

Amazon says, hey its going to cost 2 and a half billion to setup shop, but we will bring in 25k to 40k jobs. Give us a corporate tax break on the first 3 billion and we estimate you guys will make 30 billion over the next 25 years. Plus of course you collect taxes on earners and trickle down.

AOC, let’s use that 3 billion to fund subways and teachers, why are we giving it to Amazon.

Stupidity, that 3 billion doesn’t exist. with Amazon pulling out they get nothing. Might as well be taxing at 100% because 100% of nothing is still nothing.



“the delusional conviction that we can do everything and have everything, immediately and at no cost”

We’re going to build a giant wall and make Mexico pay for it! More tax cuts for Jared Kushner!

“A substantive character trying to actually accomplish something might feel the need to fortify herself with knowledge of politics, economics, and, say, civil engineering”

We love Trump because he’s a political outsider! His lack of qualifications means he’s an out of the box thinker!

Arbitrary whimsical leadership from orange Political manic pixie: MAGA
Abitrary whimsical leadership from AOC: AGGGG SOCIALISM!

Connect the dots bruh


No…try to keep up. She doesn’t comprehend the economics of the situation and made a massive move that deeply impacts the economic situation of the people in NY. Even her own party is trashing her. Can you try to read?

Every politician: I will bring more jobs!
AOC: I will prevent new jobs!!! Yay! What a massive victory!


I understand you like wasteful government spending and farcical budget plans when it pays for Jared Kushners lawyer. With AOC, not so much.

Can’t imagine why


but that’s a long term strategy. “Mah evil billionaires!” works for her and her mates right now, and that seems to be what matters to them the most.


No you clearly don’t because you’re always wrong and need people to come save you.

She scared off thousands of jobs for the people of NY and celebrated it as a victory.


Don’t make me put the chart again, Andrew.

Have a good day


You don’t even understand the chart lol. Do yourself a favor a read it yourself and actually understand it. Instead of breaking the first rule with personal attacks and getting modded lol and fail to understand the burden of proof is on the person making the claim.


You really going to defend her screwing NY out of 25-40k jobs? Come on.


Here’s the thing: I don’t disagree that AOC’s plan is exaggerated, parts of it seem highly unrealistic, and she may be putting some of these ideas forth in order to score political points with her base.

Are you willing to objectively examine Trump/Ryan’s budget plans with the same degree of objectivity? Can you even articulate what people object to in his budget plan at all?


Parts of it? Name me some realistic parts.

I don’t like Paul Ryan. I’ve never agreed with most of his budget.

And the president doesn’t make the budget so. Congress never even bothers to read it, I don’t get the point of it anymore.


Here are Trump’s 2019 Budget proposals, from It’s a document entitled “President’s Budget”. Can you look at this and find anything that might be considered unrealistic, or possibly politically motivated?


The presidents budget has been completely ignored for some time now.



I see it’s your birthday today. Happy birthday. I hope it’s a good one.


I don’t see what political gain he can have when he doesn’t set the budget and no one in congress reads it.

I believe the cake is for the anniversary of the day you sign up.




I think it’s like the Berlin Wall. I think it’s like any other wall designed to separate human beings and block out people who are running away from the humanitarian disasters.

Democrats are so confusing these days. One day they are arguing “walls don’t work” the next talking about how they block people running away. Running away from humanitarian disasters while at the same time arguing there is no crisis.


Dem “walls don’t work”
Also Dem “It will block out people running away”

So do walls work or not?