The AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) thread


When is it enough to say they? Seems fair enough once a group of people voted in a group of people. And yes I know it’s not all and I don’t think they’ve had another real election for a while. But I don’t think it’s outrageous to say they at this point


Yeah, you’re right. I apologise for reading more into it than your intent.


I mean to be fair I don’t know how much support hamas still has there. I’ve seen polls where their support has fallen and I’ve seen polls where more are radicalized into them. It’s hard to tell without an open election. And the Israel Palestinian issue is always so biased towards one group when reported that it’s hard to get objective opinions on the subject.


This Ilhan Omar thing has me confused.

Initially, I thought it was no big deal.

Some Jewish leaders online, like Phyllis Bennis and Mark Steiner said what she said is inconsequential.

Then a few Jewish politicians started lambasting her, because what she said about Jewish money and dual loyalty are historical anti-semitic tropes. Jews seldom reach broad consensus on anything.

OK, this is more serious than I thought. She should resign.

Then I heard that AIPAC staffers were bragging about twisting arms to get politicians to pen articles against her. Really confusing.

So I messaged a Jewish friend of mine who works on the Hill for her opinion. She said she hasn’t followed it closely enough to form an opinion. That could mean Omar’s words weren’t infuriating. Or not.




I read basically only Jewish sources on the conflict. They have a wide range of viewpoints. Since Jews lead most of the human rights organizations, they’re the ones who document what Israel does when they’re fighting wars, and it’s pretty disturbing.


Well I wouldn’t want to blame Arab Israelis.


Is that a Mel Gibson joke?


If you’ve ever heard AOC in a scripted capacity (i.e. questioning Cohen) she is quite good and obviously not even speaking the same language as the bartender that does Instagram videos. My theory is that Chakrabarti found and made her and, if so, it will be interesting who throws who under the bus first. My prediction is that he will take a fall in paying some fine that the media will barely report but it could be fun to see what he does if he faces something like jail time.


Sooner or later Democrats will need to decide which side of the fence they are. The AOC’s of the world are on one side. Republicans have already built a resistance to insults.

Does this seem like a sane system?

So we have Ilhar Omar, who makes anti semantic remarks, she pretends it was valid criticism and the follow up smack down of Omar get a protest because of the intersectionality bullshit.

She wins, she is happy the “difficult” conversation is now being discussed. Pelosi was absolutely trashed, by their own shaming the opponent, except this time it is on steroids and there is no reasoning with this crowd.


On the bright side, at this rate, there doesn’t seem like much chance of them winning in 2020.



That’s insane logic. To ask about evidence of racism is racism…and you can’t defend yourself against accusations of racism. I hate people these days.

I think the enrollment for their college has dropped from 900 to less than 300 this coming semester.


This is a new one for me. :idunno:


New for Nancy too, she just got KO by the signature move, I’m a woman of colour from a minority Muslim persuasion stop picking on me you white supremacist bigot.

Old school seems to be hitting back at AOC, several charges of inappropriate handling of money floating around.


Another interesting Omar article


Wow, that’s creaky prose. Modern Democrat prose is liberally sprinkled with words like victimhood, intersectionality, and privilege. This article is written for Democrats who still pay for cable tv.

Democrat press has always been pretty darn cute when it jumps in to smooth, to polish the narrative for wayward daughters like Omar, always there to put words in her mouth that are designed to mainstream her anti-Semitism for mass consumption. Older Democrats are gonna demand a little foreplay first.

Democrats like Omar aren’t nihilists. They have taken a great chance on the party and its capacity for self-reflection.

Ok, if you say so, Intelligencer. Democrats like AOC are nihilists, however (goal is to end American capitalism).

If we’re weighing who has taken the greater chance in the partnership between the Democrat party and the DSA, I think that as long as the Democrat press is willing to smooth AOC and mainstream the DSA narrative, then the Democrats are useful.



As a limey, Ocasio-Cortez is of little interest to me. However, if I had to give an opinion I’d say that she comes across as genuine - which is a rare thing in politics.


Straight from CNM!


Well, she dominated the Saturday discussion panels yesterday at SXSW, where according to reports her block of time was SRO with lines around the block. She outdrew all other Democrats, and outdrew Howard Schultz as well.

She evidently drew a standing ovation while accusing FDR of being racist and while saying capitalism in the US is irredeemable and unsustainable.

That scrape line you see there, on the floor? That’s the Democrat party being dragged dead left, off to the land of socialism by the darling of the DSA, AOC.

I think Trump’s 2020 chances are improving daily. I think the odds the GOP takes back Congress in 2020 are also improving daily. I think the viability of Howard Schultz as a third party POTUS candidate in 2020 is also growing by leaps and bounds. :popcorn: