The AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) thread


I never said she was a bad person. I said I hope people aren’t somehow fooled into thinking she’s a poor brown girl from the barrio.


Would be huge threats, I agree, if they had happened anywhere but in your head.


You think it will come back to bite her? No chance, but the 4 presidential candidates who endorsed it, Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker and Kirsten Gillibrand who all tweeted their support are going to get roasted.

People were saying she hasn’t achieved anything. She just single handed gave Trump and the Republicans the biggest gift they could have ever hoped for and just about defined the Democrats platform for the next ten years.

They will have to disavow, the only question for me is how long until they realize they have to do that.


Yes, this is what I see, too. They’re not really into budgets and reality and facts on the ground.


She reminds me of Mao lol. Her plan sounds as well thought out as the great leap forward.


I really think all 4 of those Democrats are biding their time. Especially Harris and Booker, who are waiting for certain demographic trends to become reality in 2036 or so. They’re hoping to maintain that hold in the minds of 40-45 year-olds (in 2036) they’re building with words said now.


Uhh…like the republicans are? the debt is going through the roof better hope it doesn’t get stormy. Everyone is betting that the next recession will be a small one, what if it’s not? Thanks to Trump, the US can’t afford another big stimulus.


There is only one way for the US to reduce the public debt, and it does not involve taxes. We will have to grow our way out of it, i.e., make it’s share of GDP smaller by growing GDP.

That’s how the US has always reduced its debt. The business cycle is going to happen no matter what; what’s needed is a strong upward trend in GDP.

And by the way, only Trump offers a multitude of ways - and keeps promises - that will allow for the kind of growth we will need. It’s certainly not the Democrats, and it most definitely is not AOC.


Ah. Well knowing this, I guess it suffices to say the cavalry came early…

I am curious to know what these candidates think as of now… it appears still, Tulsi Gabbard is silent… the moderates aren’t buying this, and they definitely need a unified support system to even consider themselves competitive for this race. These types of outbursts are only hurting the chances, and if any one that endorsed such has any idea of the political climate right now, they would opt to not side by it.

I guess we will await them to disavow.


It’s not about her being a good person or bad. Most people who think about it, can see how a guy like Howard Schultz gets shit on for being out of touch when he came from the housing projects and worked his way up while AOC came from money and became a bartender but is somehow more in touch with the common man sporting a 3,500$ suit in her campaign photo shoot.


Has she ever said she was?


Yes, yes it’s everyone else making things up.


Sounds like something a delusional person would say off their meds.


No idea. It’s a reasonable impression one might get from MSM in America, though.


I think so, especially the narrative the Democrat media sells.

If you have proof, please share. I’ll be more than happy to change my mind.


I guess hip, intellectual atheists, socialists , wanting “equality” , come and go.
The last memorable one I can remember was Josef Stalin. Maybe studying history, and experience of past experiments, has the answer . I suspect the idealism may sour with reality.
Proposing an impossible to achieve plan and setting unrealistic goals, would seem to undermine the credibility of any serious attempt to tackle climate change. Trying to railroad ultra green policies simply won’t work a.k.a. France.


Ironically enough, despite being on opposite sides of the political spectrum, far right delusional Trump supporting Americans remind me quite a bit of Khmer Rouge ideologues.

Cynical, nihilistic, violent, anti-intellectual, anti industrial, anti-urban, mistrustful of education, aims to bring down government, no positive solutions to offer just blind violence inciting hatred, sole aim is destruction of the state. Cruelty towards others the central theme.


Stalin was hip?


How many of them do you guess there are ?


in his day