The Biden Taiwan & China Thread

They might not want extermination as in throw them into gas chambers. But they do want them to be Chinese. Which is what they’re doing. National and ethnic unity is the basis of what they’re doing. It’s the same thing that drives them to want to invade Taiwan.

When have I said I wanted Chinese people to try and overthrow the CCP? I simply couldn’t care less.

Ok, so why should they care about your safety or what you want? It’s exactly the same attitude of disregard you’re complaining about. If you couldn’t care less about them, why would they care about you?

Lmao are you for real? They have been a bully for decades and threatened violence all the time. The only thing I ask for is for them to mind their own business and allow us to mind ours, and they can’t even do that. Why should I care about the welfare of a bunch of cunts?

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Fair enough. We can see what happens. :slightly_smiling_face: I just think your attitude is counterproductive, that’s all - I honestly think it makes you as bad as the thing you’re complaining about, but you do you.

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The Great Leap Forward amounted to 30-50 million deaths, the greatest toll in history. But it was still only 5-8% of the population (as compared to the Irish Famine, which was about 12%). It wasn’t an existential threat.
Another set of figures: ( 2018 inflation adjusted US dollars) GDP per capita:
1980- $200.
2019- $10,000

I didn’t reference the Great Leap Forward to suggest that the Great Leap Forward represented an existential threat to the Chinese people. I referenced it as a reminder that the CCP doesn’t give a shit about its own people.

As for GDP, isn’t that part of the point? The Chinese people have made a deal with the devil: freedom and human rights for wealth.

If they were only shitting on themselves, and not large numbers of ethnic minorities and their neighbors, perhaps the rest of the world could more easily turn a blind eye.


Right. A woman hating a man that raped her makes her as bad as the rapist.

Some other sets of figrues:

Japan (GDP per capita):
1960 - $479
1989 - $24,813

South Korea (GDP per capita):
1970 - $279
1999 - $10,672

Taiwan (GDP per capita):
1970 - $396
1999 - $13,768

China’s growth is nothing special. It’s just got a shit ton of people.


How many components in weapons, ships, planes, power stations, cars, etc., rely on China because they are not made in the US?

A decent number, although that doesn’t mean that China has weaponized those things and can disable them with the flip of a switch. The US military is pretty vigilant about components, although you can of course find examples where shit happens.

Here’s the bigger thing though: in a full-out conflict, it would be easier for the US to cripple China’s manufacturing base and cut off its supply of imported energy than it would be for China to cripple the US in a similarly painful way.

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It’s nothing special for East Asia. That’s why they called it the “Asian Miracle”.

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Wow lovely source ZeroHedge… Why did you choose this site out of all the news sources covering this? Not exactly a trustworthy source, see below.

Back on topic:

Those who have been fearing a “Beijing Biden” reality should take a bit of solace in a couple of observations gleaned from this article:

  • Biden - over Twitter - refrained from saying “Chinese New Year” and instead said “Lunar New Year” - a small detail with not too much implication - this language is in keeping with past presidents

  • SoS Blinken has consistently been taking a hard stance against China so far, and Biden - far from kowtowing to Xi, has gone on the record to say Xi “doesn’t have a democratic…bone in his body”.

As for the two different sides having two different takeaways…of course each of these leaders want to project to their citizens and to the world that they were in the driver’s seat during the talk. Truth is in the transcript, and it obviously won’t be seen by 99.9%.

Nothing really surprising here imo.


conflating an entire population with its authoritarian government is one hell of a take. ccp is bad but no boogie man is gonna come and hurt you in taiwan. not physically anyway- although i can see psychological warfare is working based on the hateful and clearly fear-motivated comments in here…


I can see someone saying the same in Belgium in 1938. There is no rational reason for China to invade, but losing the little piggy on my right foot probably won’t hurt me, either- doesn’t mean I’ll give it up willingly, or not hold a grudge against the one who cut it off.


Let’s go Joe!

Prove me wrong!

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