The children sex tourists leave behind

This article is already 9 month old. It did not cross my news feed at that time.

Poverty is always harsh on children. I this case the fathers with means to travel abroad leave their own children behind. Irresponsible bunch.

At least a few of them supported their kids for a while.


Hate to say it, but some of these kids are better off not knowing their scumbag fathers.


This is really sad. I lived in Saigon for a time (D7) and saw a lot of Korean men with native “girlfriends”. Actually, there’s just a lot of young Korean men who went to Saigon in groups and you could totally tell what their purpose was in the city. There’s a great deal of Korean-Vietnamese children in Saigon, and it got to the point where the Korean government (I think…) had to get involved and track down some wayward men to help pay for their illegitimate children’s needs.

Don’t understand why guys can’t use condoms. Why take the risk of having a one night stand come find you a decade later and demand you pay ten years of child support? This seems really shortsighted.


My mate’s dad went to Bangkok for fun and decided not to use condoms because it didn’t matter as he was old (70s). Now the silly sod has hepatitis B.


this is not for children of Vietnam war, but for children of sex tourism?

He is talking about similar situation in Vietnam. Korean sex tourists in Vietnam. Has nothing to do with the war.

BTW. the article also mentions Korean and Chinese sex tourists in Philippines.

I must have said Lai Dai Han, but got that it is for children of Korean sex tourists.

I was staying at this hotel in Pattaya where most of the residents were prostitutes (don’t ask), and a lot of the women there had kids left behind by sex tourists. The saddest was a half-Japanese kid who had serious developmental issues resulting from a failed abortion.

I meant for the Korean men now. A lot of them work in Vietnam through Vietnam-Korean trade.

But there was a great deal of violence committed by Korean soldiers during the Vietnam War. Quite a collection of eye-opening pictures at the War museum. (And yes, I get that it was wartime, but the amount of war crimes committed by Korean soldiers that was never answered to is sickening)

and I guess there are more successfully aborted babies.

Also yes, I’m aware there is a lot of Korean men who engage in the sex trade in the Philippines. Apparently, they also engage in pedophilia, which is absolutely horrifying. I think Korean men are the number one customer of child prostition.

I’m sure. I was surprised by how many of them decided not to have abortions though. These were mostly freelancers.


Well this is just tragic.


If we guess the correct answer, will you tell us?

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I can’t begin to imagine the mentality of someone who would refuse to at the very least contribute financially towards their child’s upbringing. There are some nasty, selfish wankers out there.

Well I don’t think sex tourists would be responsible men in the first place and I would guess that the pregnancy tends to be discovered after these guys have left the country.


Correct answer? :thinking:

Correct answer re: reason Dr. Milker stayed in Pattaya hotel frequented by prostitutes

OK, what’s the answer?