The Employment Gold Card Super-Thread

Application submitted under Education category - let’s see how this goes.


I updated my address 2 days ago and just received this mail:

You applied to update your information (Application Number xxx) on 2022/07/31. Your new Employment Gold Card has been printed and is now ready to collect.

Please wait 3 working days after receiving this notice, then bring your […] in order to collect your new Employment Gold Card.

So do I have to wait 3 days or is the card ready to collect? This is confusing me.


tbh I went the day after I did the very same thing and the card was already there. No idea why they write that. To be specific, I went to the Taipei NIA service centre, so I don’t know if outside of Taipei it is that fast.

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Yeah I am also in Taipei. I’m not in any rush so I just wait until thursday or friday. Maybe the english translation is just off haha

I had a look, and my first post in this thread was post 100 or so in March 2018!!

Sometimes I can take a while to get it together. :slight_smile:


Do you know if you really need to bring the payment receipt + passport again to get your updated gold card? Or can I just bring my current gold card, which I need to give back anyway, right?

You need all, the receipt (which they stamp), the passport and your old gold card which they take back.

I actually just needed the receipt + the old gold card. But I brought the old, already stamped receipt (cause too lazy to print).

Worked anyway.

Good morning:
I started the Golf Card procedure on 30/07/2022 in “Economic field” as “Railway engineer”.
I have prevetively attached the following documents:

  • Personal passport;
  • Employment contract;
  • Personal CV;
  • Paychecks;
  • Letters of reference;
  • Training certificates;
    My STATUS is stuck at level “Review by the National Immigration Agency”. Is it normal?
    Wich are the next levels to sustained?
    Thanks to all

Pretty normal to be there for a week or so. Next you’ll get to Review by Workforce Development Agency.

Any Gold Card holders monitoring this thread … please fill out this survey. The Gold Card Office wants to understand gold card holders a bit better, so the program (and life in Taiwan) can be improved. There’s prizes, and you’re helping to support the program!

Tell your friends :slight_smile:


yes, it is changed in Review by the “Workforce Development Agency today”. I hope all is well …

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Anyone else having issues accessing as of today? Even the public DNS servers aren’t resolving (Google, etc.) so wondering if it’s down as part of a larger DDoS attack against Taiwan’s IT infrastructure?

Before I will apply (for a second time), I sent my documents to the Ministry of Culture for review. They suggested I apply under „previously served as top executive at a medium-sized or larger film, broadcast, or pop music juristic person or organization, and has at least five years’relevant work experience.“

The requirement on the Gold Card website says my work experience should be at a medium or large company that has a certain minimum annual revenue. I have reference letters from my previous employers about my tasks etc. but those don’t include anything about company size or revenue. I am also not able to ask my previous employers for these proofs.

Do you think the they will ask for proof of it after I sent my application? Even though they already suggested I apply under that category after checking my documents? I asked the Ministry of Culture but didn’t get a reply. And I also asked the Gold Card office but they said it’s the MoC’s regulation so they don’t know. I just want to avoid that they refuse my application again because they weren’t clear about what they need from the beginning.

Is there maybe some publicly available information about your company? Like number of employees, market share, revenue, …?

No there isn’t unfortunately. I worked at three different companies, one of them closed down and I’m not able to get the information from my previous bosses either.

I’m just unsure whether or not the Gold Card people will ask for that information after I applied, even though they already suggested that I apply under that category after checking my documents. This whole process and their requirements are really confusing and not clear at all…

Edit: there is publicly available information of the revenue and employee size of my last employer. Those are websites like “Zoominfo” and “Growjo” which estimate the company’s revenue. I could add screenshots and links to those websites, but I’m not sure if a) this will be enough proof and b) if they need the estimation of all of my three previous employers so that my work experience add up to more than five years. The other thing is that I was asssistant manager of the first two companies, the last one was much bigger and my responsibilities were much smaller.

How did you guys prove your companies’ revenue and employee size if you can’t get in touch with your former employer anymore?

maybe is in maintenance

It could be. It was up for several hours yesterday, down again today. But at least the DNS entries today are still responding.

I’m waiting for my local TECO office to kick back my passport submission process so I can change my passport # since between the time I applied and when they started accepting passport submissions, I renewed my passport.

@fifieldt mentioned in the gold card group (not on forumosa) that the Taiwanese govt has preemptively blocked overseas access to the site due to anticipated DDoS attacks. They are actively trying to figure out a resolution to this. Note: I am ignorant to this sort of thing so I was paraphrasing, probably incorrectly.

Edit: clarifying the overseas aspect

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I can access it today from Taiwan.