The Funkiest Songs Ever!


Can’t forget: SHAFT!


Okay. SHAFT. That’s funky, baby!

I warned you bitches to STOP ME though but you wouldn’t listen:


How did Japan’s national anthem make the list?

For those who can boogie on roller skates.




One othe good points of these music threads is to be exposed to other artists you may not have heard of before and to expose others to things which they may have never heard of. These guys deserve wider exposure. Here they are opening for Kanye West. Those from the area will know what these songs are about.

These guys deserve wider recognition :notworthy: .


I’d recommend Lee Fields who is still recording quality funk after all these years. This is from his album circa 1999. Look at others on youtube.

I saw him live. Fookin’ brilliant




If I post something that’s already been posted, I hope somebody lets me know. I looked through the thread earlier, and I don’t remember seeing this one:


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This album is killer all the way through


Ah, found it! Only 4 minutes, though, there is a 6 minute long version, too. This one is more colorful, though.


What’s groovier than this?


I can only think of this song to out groove or out funk it!


[quote=“zender”]What’s groovier than this?

Zender. I’ve never seen the very end of that video before. :moon: Ouch :smiling_imp:! Love it.


Keep the groove goin’! :discodance:



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