The Funkiest Songs Ever!


This isn’t really funky. But I didn’t want to put it on the Cheesy Dance thread.

This is funky however.


Can’t get much funkier than this.


Well, this is pretty funky, or cool, however you wish to classify it.





People have beaten me to War, Prince, and The Chili Peppers on this thread (though I posted that song elsewhere). There is some good music here :smiley: .


What’s this? No Curtis Mayfield?

Dyke & the Blazers:


Curtis Mayfield! I should have thought of that :doh:


I posted it first :slight_smile: !

This is why the 70s had the best music :notworthy: !


Jorge Ben: “Ponta de Lança Africano (Umbabarauma)”



Claudia Lennear - Everything I Do Gonna be Funky

Marva Whitney - Things Got to get Better


Perhaps not in the ‘funkiest ever’ category, but someone’s got to keep the new school funk alive.


The Jackson 5! Back when they were fun!



Let me ask. Is this funky?


For me it falls under the catagory of scary 80’s.

I love this version of Rappers Delight (which famously nicked Chic’s bassline from Good Times) funked up by some Brazilian guys.