The Funkiest Songs Ever!


[quote=“Funk500”]For me it falls under the catagory of scary 80’s.

I love this version of Rappers Delight (which famously nicked Chic’s bassline from Good Times) funked up by some Brazilian guys.
The slapping bass is funky. A little.


Lately I’ve been listening a lot to Tony Allen’s Secret Agent. Here’s the title track.



This one’s kinda funky.


Peter Gabriel is not my idea of funky, but still great :notworthy: .



Mercy, mercy, mercy made me think of this song :laughing: .


I prefer this RHCP cover of the original by Sly And The Family Stone.

Another cover, but a classic.



Whole Lotta Lotta thinks this one’s kinda funky. :neutral:



Dancing Together, from Here Lies Love, David Byrne & Fatboy Slim. Sharon Jones, without the Dap Kings.


Apologies if this song has already been posted: any way, here’s Prince’s version.


I hate to single one out, because they’re all good, but I really liked that one, flike. I looked up the lyrics, and apparently there’s another version with an interesting Easter egg:

[quote]Yes my name is jane ryan
Mr. saunders and i would like
To make a deposit[/quote]–“Dancing Together” … 52027.html

I guess those lyrics are referring to this:

[quote]Imelda should once and for all tell the Filipino people:
Why did you, First Lady of the Philippines, open a secret Swiss bank account in 1968 under the pseudonym Jane Ryan?

While your husband, President of the Republic of the Philippines, opened a separate secret Swiss account using the alias William Saunders?[/quote]

This one’s got the “jane ryan” lyrics:


I like this version a lot, too. The arrangement - especially what must be Norman Cook’s percussion and periodic turntable-ing - practically screams ‘UK!’, and wotta bass line. And Sharon Jones just belts it out, that woman just sells out when she sings, I think. :thumbsup:

As you probably know, the album is a concept album about Imelda Marcos. Supposedly she once said, publicly and while viewing the embalmed remains of Ferdinand Marcos, she’d like to have ‘here lies love’ to be inscribed on her own tombstone.


If any one or more of these have already been posted, please let me know and I’ll remove it/them.


THE SPINNERS :smiley: !



Thanks for bringing this thread back. I was worried people had forgotten about it. Worthy song too :notworthy: !


“They presented me with this little crystal stone, they told me it was…called ma… martian jasper”