The Funkiest Songs Ever!


It has a degree of R and B in it.


Rap would be better if there were more acts like Public Enemy.


[quote=“Whole Lotta Lotta”]It has a degree of R and B in it.

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Here’s one of Jimi’s funkiest with Buddy Miles and Lightning Rod…[youTubeBB3][/youTubeBB3]


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The musicianship doesn’t get any better in this genre. The horns. So tight. And Maceo with his “uh, get-go!”

What I find interesting is that Pee Wee Ellis is essentially the second chair saxophonist, while he is way, way out there in his skill level. He has a solo in a Van Morrison song that is perhaps one of the best I’ve ever heard. Anyway, back to the funk. This one’s fantastic. It all happens in the last three minutes so be patient.


Maceo’s had a pretty amazing career. James Brown, Parliament, Prince. He’s kind of ‘the man.’

I don’t think Graham Central Station gets enough recognition. Larry Graham is apparently responsible for the first ‘slap bass’ but I don’t know how true that is (not old enough to remember). It probably is.

Amazing to think both Maceo Parker and Larry Graham are still alive and performing.


Well, there you go. That’s some good funk. I need the bass to be in your face to appreciate. My ears aren’t good enough to hear the musicianship in songs like Darling Dear by the Jackson 5.


Excellent long jam. What a horn section…loved the bass on that one too.

No patience required…at all.


Here’s some blue-eyed funk from the Scottish band with the least funky name ever invented. Enjoy watching the guy with the beard have sex with his guitar.


Hands down the craziest jazz/soul/blues/gospel/FUNK I ever did hear. From about 4 minutes in. That’s one man on three saxes at the same time, no one else. Circular breathing, the whole works. Rhythm section going gangbusters.


There were a few bands out of the UK that did some pretty legit funk. Average White Band I’d say are legit. This one’s a big more poppy: Ides of March. Perhaps less legit but they did okay for a brief moment.


A few more…


Getting some good ones. Here’s another one for the weekend and for…other things.

And is this funk? I think so, yes. But the classic rock stations might play a different version. But this is definitely smoover.