The Great Reset

Two sides of a coin. Options are limited. It’s somewhat a function of trying to hold the country together that is so big and diverse. Your actual options ARE limited until bits of it lopped themselves off to do their own thing.

Uh…what? Is this a reference to a book or a movie I’m not getting?

The UK, for a couple of months anyway had everyone walk out to their front garden and applaud the social services at a certain time of the day. Guy on my brothers road was so enthusiastic about it he would bang pots and pans together. Easy to spot the “obedient citizen” when the whole street is doing it.

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Maybe he was just enthusiastic.

I never ever did anything with my neighbours in Taiwan, its one thing I really dislike about most of Taiwan , you should appreciate your neighbors more !


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America is pretty much an Oligarchy now anyways.

So likely “the great reset” is something both parties have agreed on, it’s only a matter of when they will be slowly introduced to the populace.

Yeah , why anyone would moan about that I don’t know.

Does everything have to be some sort of nefarious scheme to take down our democracy?

It’s just a voluntary event organised by private citizens to express gratitude to healthcare workers who have been on the front lines risking their health fighting the pandemic.

It was organised by a Dutch woman…


Maybe this is facadism?

Well, things are getting weird in the UK, they had a ban on seeing your parents for a while and right now I think there is a ban on entering old peoples homes so relatives have to wave at them though the window. A bit confusing for the elderly who are starting to lose their faculties.

It could be like Canada where the lack of a ban and the list of social distancing exceptions is so long it could fill a book ended up causing nursing homes to lose up to 40% of their residents. I don’t know about you but I prefer my grandmother alive.

I get things are confusing, but I prefer confusing over in-the-ground.
Perhaps some might see enthusiasm for showing gratitude towards healthcare workers as ‘obedient citizens’ but we don’t know that person. It’s possible healthcare workers had saved the life of someone he loved. Some scepticism is healthy but if nobody has any faith whatsoever in the democratic system, the system crumbles. It’s a self fufilling prophecy. Maintaining freedom, democracy and human rights requires faith AND scepticism and an equal hold on the tug-of-war rope simultaneously. I don’t believe clap for carers is a nefarious attempt at sweeping the rug underneath us. I have faith in our democracies.

The Chinese are trying to do this with Taiwan. They want us to lose our faith in the system. That’s their schtick.

The Government has done a shit job, they were putting patients back on old peoples homes who had Coronavirus. If the UK government was doing some fantastic job of containing Coronavirus the authoritarian restrictions they are imposing might be easier to take, as it is on a per capita basis they are the 9th worst in the world.

So yeah, I think I should be allowed to make the grown up decision of deciding I am healthy, give my hands a good wash and perhaps wear a mask when I visit my parents.

As it is Dominic Cummings just had to stand down from his position as advisor to Boris Johnson for the crime of visting his parents and Boris Johnson is now in self isolation because he came into contact with someone who had the coronavirus, despite already having the coronavirus himself.

Common sense seems to have gone out the window.

Valid criticisms of their performance, I can’t disagree. But I don’t think they are some nefarious attempt to sweep the rug from beneath our feet. It’s the same reason why I don’t believe in the slippery slope. I don’t think it’s nefarious, just ineptness.

Because…There’s a pandemic in the UK that kills old people.

How is that confusing ?

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Oh, you mean thank the first responders and those on the front lines pulling double shifts during Covid, which was spontaneously organised by the people involved.
I can see how you’d be disgusted at thanking people risking their lives to save others- do these grotty little nurses and ambulance attendants even make the big bucks? Your point is “Why bother thanking a bunch of lower-class types- they’re only here to serve me.” Got it.

Why anybody would moan about that is beyond me.

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“Rules are for little people, not important somebodies like me.”

No that’s not my point. Let’s not try and put words in my mouth.

Do you have a problem with the Chinese having a social score for their citizens, depending on how much of an obedient citizen you are?

Look at how upset @MikeN1 is getting at the hypothetical mention people might not go outside and clap, trying to shame me, I imagine if he were my neighbour he might start hurling abuse at me for not going out and clapping, maybe try to shame me with the neighbours. After he puts his pots and pans down.

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Why don’t you explain what you think is wrong with thanking those people for what they have done.

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That is not what I am saying, it’s the @MikeN1 of the world that use it as an excuse to shame others that bothers me.