The Great Reset

You brought it up, and it has nothing to do with shaming others.

I brought it up, because the problem I see is when the pots and pan bangers get outraged as they always do when some people are not joining in they get hostile, like @MikeN1 did with me. Read his remark again.

He is clearly trying to shame me at the mere suggestion it might not be the best of ideas.

Hope this reset helps all humans to value life more than materialism.

I don’t like this. It doesn’t work as an alliteration. Moscow Mitch does because you have stressed, unstressed, stressed. But S/US/S/US for Beijing Biden…just sounds lazy.

A rhyme works better if you follow that pattern though…Hiden Biden is great.

It has always been possible to not get drawn into excessive materialism. *Written from my kitchen island looking out my sliding glass doors at the sunrise over the field. The glitch is one of determination and authority.

What a weird country… the trees have no leaves, no scooters zippin around. No 5 storey gongyus.

What gives? :wink:

I reset years ago. That people think a gov’t reset will work in their favor is stoopidity at it’s apex, top of the curve.

Sorry what might not be the best of ideas? A spontaneous showing of community support? This happens in the US too. I’ve never felt forced nor have I felt shamed if I didn’t do so.

I believe MikeN1 is shaming you for criticizing people’s enthusiasm. I don’t see how someone else’s enthusiasm can shame you into anything. If you feel shame, it’s more of a reflection on you than anyone else.

Ever been on a flight where a guy got up around 5am and loudly demanded all other Muslims join him in morning prayers? I have. He was very enthusiastic, not sure how enthusiastic everyone else felt or if they would have been able to ignore him out of fear of being shamed. The religious police in Saudi Arabia are not particularly liked by liberals there, but Im sure they feel enthusiastic about enforcing societies norms on the rest of the population.

Everyone gets medical workers work hard and take risks, people can and should show gratitude. Making people sound outside and clap, is government making rules they probably shouldnt.

Correct me if i am wrong, but I don’t remember seeing anything that stated it was mandatory.

Well the visiting your parents certainly is, I believe you got a 2000 pound fine for doing that when that was in place.

No one is against sensible policies, I had the mask argument with my own sister who immediately went off on “aren’t they not proven to be effective” her partner got the coronavirus last month. She probably got a light dose of it too. Wash your hands, is sensible advice.

Closing the churches, the one close to where we live is massive, people could sit 20ft apart since hardly anyone goes. But no, the government has mandated no church. For some that’s the only connection they have with others in the community.

Sorry. I meant the clap for carers. That’s how i interpreted your post. I thought you were talking about that cause malasang mentioned enthusiasm.

I don’t have a problem with going out and clapping for carers, if that’s what they want to do. If someone would rather sit on their ass and watch scooby doo and eat potato chips I’m ok with that too.

I’m not actually sure what hand or lack of hand the government had with getting people to go outside and clap, but getting a little sick of tired of people telling others what to say and do.

Common sense stuff like wear a mask, wash your hands, safe distancing ok. Getting a 2000 pound fine because you needed to check in on an elderly family member, not ok.

The real conspiracy is that NYT is considered a reliable publication


Cyber pandemic looks next. The bond villain lookalike Schwab has even said it on July 8th 2020.
I think could be blamed on Iran.

I’m sorry, is this the 1990s? I have a hard time imaging if Trudeau made a public statement in 2020, you could only find it with such terrible resolution. I mean unless there’s a HD quality version of this, it feels like this is deepfake plus wavenet and people are trying to cover up the flaws.

I can see why you would dislike this.

Whenever these groups come out with such virtue signalling soundbites, one should ask why? It is not for the benefit of the people.