The Hardest Rockin Songs Ever!


There is a pretty fun thread called the Most Beautiful Songs Ever. There are many good songs there. Unfortunately, there are many songs there that are good, but I don’t quite consider them beautiful. I have created this thread for heavier stuff, so people can rock out.

We start this thread with an attention getter from the best of the best, Led Zeppelin.

Few know how to start a concert better than AC/DC. Thunderstruck. Not their best, but it will definitely get people on their feet.

Finally, a song I used to regularly annoy my parents with. YYZ. Turn this up and stand back. Check out the crowd from Brazil :slight_smile: .

The Most Beautiful Songs Ever Written

Jimi’s favorite Led Zep song. :bow:







[/quote]A masterpiece.


hard to pick one led zep song, here’s a good bit

hard to stop :slight_smile:


Before my youth:

From my youth:

A little more recent:


And of course there’s a whole lot more, but I’ve gotta get to work.


Hmm, a thread full of Led Zeppelin and none of the videos are showing up on Chrome. Firefox seems to be ok though.


Chrome works for me, even at work (not that I actually click on the links in the office, though).


A thread full of Led Zep can never be a bad thing :sunglasses: !


Gotta vote for my neighbor!!


Jack White rocks pretty hard: