The Italian politics thread

Too bad. Now I want to discuss Italian politics, @Andrew0409.

That Berlusconi, huh? What’s his deal? :spaghetti:


He likes money and women. Who am I to tell him how he should live. He seems to enjoy his life.

I do think it’s a major conflict of interest he won when he owns like half the media in Italy. That’s pretty insane. Imagine that happening in the US.

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BTW, he also survived covid and he’s pretty old as well.

We were doing the Trump media mogul celebrity turned politician thing before you guys thought it was cool! That’s what’s up!

We’re OG!

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And that’s how these threads deteriorate, folks! The American right will be around soon to tell you that Berlusconi is fake news, and you shouldn’t believe what you see on the MSM. Of course Trump was the first!

It may even be accompanied by a Twitter link, a one-liner, or an insightful meme.

And that’s when the poo-poo hits the fan!

No way. Berlusconi is more Trump than Trump could ever hope to be.


And Bolsonaro is more Trumpy than both of them combined!

Which reminds me… time for a ‘Brazilian Politics thread’? :thinking:

Hmm, he seems more Pinochetesque to me. :thinking:

We may need @RickRoll’s opinion on this one.

Yeah, Not all these right wing strongmen are the same :roll:


Bolsonaro has a face built for radio.


You decide.

I think he is one of a kind. And so are his supporters. And his enemies, too.

It would be interesting, but I don’t think people in Taiwan care much about what happen in the land of samba, football and bossa nova…
Am I right @araujobsd?


I’m interested.

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Right you are :slight_smile:

Bolsonaro is the Latino Trump version with an ugly wife :stuck_out_tongue:

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