The K-man's finest hour(s)


He’ll get hit with compensation claims from the people he publicly insulted once he’s convicted, likely a few 100K each or more.


Damn, at that rate I could probably double my salary from my mouthier university students. Sure, they don’t say that to me directly, but such words are certainly said to classmates when the midterms are handed back. I just need to wire mics up to their desks …


I like this one for this line

Mounib denied intentionally touching the college student’s breasts, instead claiming that he was only stretching out his arm, because he claims to have a condition that requires frequent stretching and that he inadvertently touched her in the process.


AHhAHHAAHhahAhaHAHaHaHhAhAha that’s a good one!

Is that someone looking for a free plane ticket?


A few posts from below the article:

Drop him off at the airport.
That’s letting him off too easy, lynch him
Yeah, who does he think he is?
When you see this kind of foreign trash, beat them!
Eight out of ten foreigners are bad…and the Immigration Agency is giving them permanent residency?
10個老外八個爛—移民局/內政部 還要給它們 永久居留證??
Most foreigners who teach in Taiwan can’t make it in their own countries


I guess this is crazy but it almost seems orchestrated.


Race baiting is Apple Daily’s bread and butter. Xenophobia sells.


Sort of like what you’d read on reddit or twitter whenever a terrorist attack happens.


Would any of those lines qualify as public insult? :ponder:



Can you confirm this ? A search online and my wife say that the amount would be around 50-100K. Also, seems like in this case it is only one guy he has to pay off, so I would just suck it up and pay.

Make sure you also do not hand over the money in public, so you are free to say how you feel about the guy without facing a potential second lawsuit for public insult.


Should I prepare a sign “#notall” and go outside looking extremely concerned, hoping that someone will give me some cash for a touching interview?



A man who goes by the Name of Wtf was spotted last saturday in Yilan holding a “Number no tall” sign, police reports. Wir. rose the polices conspicion as he was staring at local residents menacingly outside of an OK Mart. “Foreigners normally go to 7/11 and stay inside during balmy weather, so we knew there was something wrong” police said. W is suspected to have mouthed plans to extort money in a fraudulent scheme on the internet.




I wish K-man’s articles were as well reported as this!

BTW, why the heck K-boy keeps helping to stereotype foreigners in Taiwan? Isn’t he affected by that too? :wall::idunno:


Did you just assume his/her/zvir nationality???


The guy that followed him is definitely suing, the old lady he is said to have cursed could also do so as could anyone caught in his cross fire, that gesture and “f all you Chinese” could have covered a lot of people should they choose to decide they were included.


Stalked him on FB. He looks like a guy having fun with his experience here, learning about the culture.

I do not think it is his choce to write the articles about foreigners on the loose. Moreover, generally speaking, editorial standards, including mine, lack the fact finding depth.

When I saw the latest incident on teh news, I thouight maybe the guy inadvertedly kicke dthe luggage, or stumbled, and being a foreigner, most people thought he did it on purpose. The taiwanese guy started pushing his buttons… and the reward was teh New Jersey salute on tape. This could have happened. But now we have a narrative of a jerk atoga, which fits with the idea of “only losers come here”.

Now, what I do not get is how come people do not realize what that says about Taiwan. It seems more like the stuff the elite pushes: Taiwan is a ghost island, there is no hope here, Taiwanese people are uneducated and stupid and losers. Rejecting foreigners helps to isolate Taiwan more.

I suggest we pest Taiwan News with articles and news pieces about foreigners doing good stuff, valuable stuff, around the island. The teachers, the helpers. There may be some balance then.


Class action suit cojoined by the entire Chinese race…:flog:


Problem is the big noses doing good stuff (dog shelter people, beach cleanup people) make locals look bad. That doesn’t fit the agenda.


I think there may be a job waiting for you at a certain local daily. The K-man better start looking over his shoulder.