The K-man's finest hour(s)


It’s what happens when you drink enough of the stuff that comes in the can with the “jug lady” on it.



Lo mismo que le digo una cosa le digo la otra:


As soon as the insult is not targeting foreigners collectively but an individual, then that individual may file a complaint. Some of the comments on Apple Daily and UDN definitely qualify in my opinion. Offenses against credit and reputation are only prosecuted upon complaint however and I doubt “Brian” is looking for a day in court.


That’s it. I throw the towel.

He’s trolling us, right? Right?


Will atoha ever recover?


The Chinese government has yet to release a statement on the map, which does not appear to depict Taiwan as a part of China.

Stand back, K-man is trying the funny.

Not bad, actually.


It got a snicker from me. To be fair, it may not have been his joke.


Ok, that made me lol…


E-news reports on breast - Dredge Report
“Taiwan News” website reveals internet posts about breast in Google Maps
The internet was stunned on Wednesday when the Taiwan News (motto: “It beats teaching English or being a businessman”) reported on internet reports of a “buxom young Western woman” revealing her breast in the internet. Netizens were quickly beaten into a frenzy of fevered and newsworthy commentary:

“That’s it. I throw the towel.”

“Will atoha ever recover?”

“Not bad, actually.”

“E-news reports on breast - Dredge Report”


“many netizens quickly became excited”…I can’t forgive him this. I just can’t. The sheer tumescent glory of his English language masteries.


The article made me very exciting.


I had to repair to the toilets to relieve my excitement…


Where can I see the actual pictures on google maps?


He is on a roll


More cheeseball bullshit.
Buddy obviously honed his craft writing scripts for 1940s newsreels.


Looks more like Jesus to me.


"By around 1 p.m. today (May 15), the video had been removed from Google Maps. "

Why do I always miss all the fun? :frowning:


Where in the Chinese language media does it say it’s a foreign woman? Or is public indecency an attribute of those slutty and lewd western women who are so very 隨便 when compared to upright, conservative Taiwanese women (who are only 隨便 when ruined by white evil men).


TBH, it is a slow news day. I also had to drag the bottom of the barrel to have something to use.