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Video shows foreign woman lash out when asked to wear mask on Taiwan train |…


“police have suspicions about the veracity of his explanation” :slight_smile:

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He emphasized that all the foreigners he knew in Taiwan were very good people and well-mannered. However, he found this woman’s behavior to be “really undesirable” and then warned such unruly international passengers to “not take Taiwanese people lightly.”


Sadly, this woman sounds like she has some sort of mental illness and wasn’t just being an asshole.

The same can’t be said for all the Taiwanese who refuse to wear masks or wear them properly.


“He emphasized that all the foreigners he knew in Taiwan were very good people and well-mannered. However, he found this woman’s behavior to be “really undesirable” and then warned such unruly international passengers to “not take Taiwanese people lightly.””

What are you going to do, Huang. The police took care of it, go take some valium or something.


This was also funny:

He alleged that instead of buying a proper ticket, she had boarded the train with an EasyCard, and therefore did not have a seat.

Uhm, aren’t you allowed to use EasyCard on the train and occupy empty seats until a reserved ticket holder arrives?


I think you can except on Taroko and Puyama express trains.

She was clearly in the wrong however I wish locals would be just as diligent about locals. I see many people not wearing masks correctly.


Exactly. 4 times out of 5 times I need to kick someone out of a seat that I’ve bought a ticket for. It’s normal here, but the article is worded like she did something improper :roll_eyes:


The foreigner clearly missed an opportunity to have some fun with this. Could have atarted with some profuse apologies and some returned critique… I’ve really been here too long.

From the video, it looks like this woman either has some sort of mental illness or was having some sort of mental/emotional breakdown, so I don’t think she was capable of coming up with a measured response to the situation.

While it was obviously appropriate to escort her off the train, it’s actually a bit sad that they’re making an example out of a person who clearly has a problem. The Taiwanese seem to have no problems ignoring the ranks of mentally ill in their own population.


This seems to be the case, judging by her actions, appearance, and finally becoming calm by the end of the video. Maybe she had a recent death in her family? Don’t know, but she definitely overreacted at the beginning of the video.

Her situation probably shouldn’t have been spread on the internet. However, I am for recording outbursts because you never know what they will lead to. Case in point: That guy a few years ago who went off on that poor bus driver. Guy was a total douche and rightfully got taken to task by netizens.


Yeah she looks in a bad way. Couldn’t watch much of that video.

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I was kind of being sarcastic. Wearing a mask for others is respectful and it makes Taiwanese feel safe. You never know what series of events people have been through when you see an outburst like this. Especially in times like these. If you don’t know the culture here, I can see where a foreigner could lose it. Watching the video, I didn’t see anyone actually care if she was ok or not. That is the reality of choosing to live here. I was in the Dallas airport right after 9-11 and a French lady lost her cool because she didn’t understand how to get through the airport. She was just shouting at random people and not making it easy to anyone to help. I remember a group of us standing around her deciding that we should help even though she wasn’t very nice at the moment.

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Of course she’s going to Taichung :roll_eyes:
I’m betting she’s from the US and feels masks violate her rights :joy: :us:

Also, anyone else see the tags in the article…

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Ah defending the honour of the Taiwanese people against those unruly ‘foreigners’.


Social media is being quite terrible to her with lots of people like “Huang” saying that the unwashed foreigners need to not push Taiwanese, with the loudest voices being…primarily foreigners.

I couldn’t finish the video. She obviously is in a bad situation. As a general rule of thumb, if you have a video and a person is already enraged, you should wonder what preceded the recording.


Related - last week in the span of half an hour in the MRT, I saw three people entirely without masks. One guy was coughing and digging in his nose for long periods, replacing his mask when he was done. The MRT staff, who were in the car and steps from him, turned their back. I know it’s easy to say that if he had been foreign, he would be Facebook famous but, I don’t know that many people would argue with this.

Always, in fact, what preceded the cutoff point in any edited video.

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That’s been something that we should have learned in the past year.

In 2021, the easiest way to lie to people is to show them a video.


No, I’m just saying the only people I’ve ever met who care about wearing masks are American. My foreign friends from other countries all wear them. Also, all Taiwanese people I know wear them.

I’m not sure what your point is…

Edit: oh, I think you’re referring to Kman