The K-man's finest hour(s)


It’s such a fine line between news and pornography these days but I appreciate that the K-meister really explores the space.


There are so many levels to this story. But what I really want to know is how Anpanman is involved. Some things are too treacherous even for the avant-garde Taiwan News, I guess.


Wow, it’s so steamy in that bath that you can’t even see her rack clearly.


By the way, I’m noticing a certain recurring theme in the TN’s journalistic focus lately.


Song dynasty ink wash paintings?


Something more colorful and dimensioned.


On the contrary, very transparent and open to the senses.


Not to mention vigorous strokes.


Wait are we talking about Song dynasty paintings or the TN’s breast obsession


I’d go one further and say “naked” obsession. two or three articles on the subject per day.

Gotta get clicks one way or another.


I’m sensing an internet trend, like planking or whatever. First you post a picture of a naked person, then the reveal…she’s my sister/he’s my brother.

You heard it here first.


This sounds like a plot to oppress only childs.


This made me laugh out loud on a semi-packed train. Thanks.


This story is a nice example of Titillation Nation’s fair and balanced journalism standards. Your boobies(teehee) vs. our boobies(teehee).


I get no credit for doing the hard yards on the setup? :idunno:


Sorry, the bear you did do all the legwork. Thanks a bunch.


If she were my cousin I would also do her. What the heck, I woulf even marry her for enjoying those boobs.


well that story was weird.


Seemed pretty straightforward to me. It’s wrong to marry a close relative unless she has big jugs. Then all bets are off.


I’m trying to find any flaw in this.