The K-man's finest hour(s)


You’re dark, man. I was thinking of a plucky hero and lots of upbeat musical numbers.


Some friends become enemies, some enemies friends. At the end your main character is richer from the experience.


As is the broth.


I was already feeling pretty crabby but this story really stuck in my craw.

Thanks for nothing K-man!


So you are saying that these two things are incompatible:

  • non-native [English] speakers
  • professional journalists

Bad bear…


In Chinese, we call this 做賊心虛. :grin:


How can I stop liking your comments if they are like this one xD


We all do things we regret…


No idea what that means!


Probably for the better. You can ask your ex to explain it for you.


Who is my ex? I’m overly confused.

Explain it in plain Latin if you are a man-cow.


No, just in Taiwan. Non-natives shouldn’t write for an English newspaper unless there is a native editor to fix their copy.


E pluribus bite me.


Damn, I forgot to bring the Latin dictionary to Taiwan…


Hmmmmm… it sounds like an biassed, interested stand point. I mean, I get that it would be more than advisable to have writers and editors with English as mother tongue, but… a requirement for having a website with some news in English? hmmmm… you can just laugh at their English if you want, but to be a non-native English speaker writing news in a Taiwan based online “newspaper” doesn’t make you less professional as a journalist.

To copy crappy stories from facebook on the other hand makes you a very shitty journalist, a bottom feeder. although that’s the general trend anywhere nowadays…


He said editor, probably to clean up any grammar and usage issues . Nobody would question a non native English speaker journalist.


Didn’t he?


No one working at the Taiwan News could call themselves a professional journalist regardless of native or non-native status. A professional journalist researches a story and verifies and double-checks facts. These guys just translate Chinese media reports or Facebook posts badly.


Agreed, but… still I …

I’ll come back later.


What rock have you been hiding under for the last several years?