The K-man's finest hour(s)


Tossing stuff from a car is obnoxious, even organic matter, but after seeing a lot of construction and small business waste on the shorelines of Taidong and Hualien, and the ubiquitous tied up bags of lunchboxes and plastic cups on the roadsides and in every nook imaginable, I don’t think an issue should have been made of this- beyond the initial confrontation anyways.


Red spit in plastic cups is the real deal.


The whole thing is so depressing that I, for once, am speechless.


Granted the guy probably didn’t realize it was a foreigner at first.

but, a banana peel?

huge piles of nylon rope from the giant nets are burned on the beaches and the resultant melted hardened plastic is then buried in the sand.

Taiwan is racist as fuck.


a couple taiwanese brought this story up with me, because i’m a brit. and asked me is this a normal custom in england. i said no but its normal to litter here. one laughed it off and the other said ‘not all taiwanese litter, only some’ ok the only some and not news worthy rule only works when its with taiwanese i see i see.


It’s one of those “Where to start?” stories.

Utterly depressing. If it makes the TV news then I’m giving up.


Dude, you’ve just given him a challenge!


I’ve actually had enough of him. He doesn’t understand how offensive this stuff is. And he doesn’t understand how appallingly poor his writing is.


I don’t think the focus of the “new journalism” is exactly on offensiveness or utility to any particular constituency, even one which it has historically served and been supported by.


Yeah but, Taipei’s a small town in terms of us big-noses. Surely he needs to exercise a modicum of discretion and occasionally pass on some of this rubbish. He plasters this stuff all over every FB news group that’ll have it. Sooner or later he’s going to piss someone off big time.


Sounds like he already has.


I broke down and read it. It’s “new news” but at least there’s some balance there, with a scathing assault on Taiwanese litterers from a local neziten. I was actually quite moved by Tom’s heartfelt apology. There was even some factual backup about real cases of fruit tossing in the UK. Maybe (in its presumed original Chinese form) it will do something to raise local awareness of littering :thought_balloon:


I can’t tell if this response is facetious or not :confused:


80% not.


Ghost island ?


Nah it’ll just raise local awareness of what dicks foreigners are. :bowing:


There could be like a reverse foreigner shaming effect.


The only one who should be shamed is the author of that article.


If it’s that kind of banana, it belongs on a different sort of website. :see_no_evil:


I award you the prestigious Double Rainbow! :rainbow: :rainbow:

May your optimism be always above the glass-half-empty level. :bowing: