The K-man's finest hour(s)


I threw an apple core out of my car window into a vacant field next to a bunch of warehouses outside Taipei today. There were heaps of garbage everywhere, but all it would have taken was one do-gooder with a dashcam to give the media here a 48 hour go back from whence you came erection.


Yep, one is becoming paranoid these days. I went out for huo guo with coworkers and over-ate. As I rolled down to the MRT, I took a blue seat well, because I was indisposed and basically needed to sit down and it was empty. There was this lady sitting next to me talking on the phone and pointing it at me, and for a moment I thought I’d become an Internet human BBQ. Alas, she was just talking to someone else.



File under Ugly American


That guy is a real P.O.S.


There’s nothing more obnoxious than those assholes who have their videos playing at full volume in public. First time I’ve seen a news story about it though…

You’re not kidding, his face is all squared and blocky. Really got hit hard with the ugly stick. Looking like that, you’d think he’d try his best not to be an asshole.


Isn’t that the lady who was recently bashing foreigners on her FB page and on one of the English News FB pages? I don’t really remember the extent of it, but pretty sure it was her.


I have no idea who she is. This article showed up on my news feed and just from the title I KNEW it had to be the K-Man, so I shared it here.


It was probably a bad idea for blond dude to call her a racist, but ironically, she actually is a racist.


Yes she is. As was her father.


Her father gets a pass, because he was funny as hell (and batshit crazy). Her, on the other hand…well, maybe the batshit part.


I fin the whole thing a bit suspicious and now you have given me more reason. Someone who has been here 5 years should know that while it is kosher for locals to be playing game sand watching soap operas with volume on, it ain´t for whitie. There are signs everywhere on MRT system telling you not to do it. Why does he get on the lady´s face, thsi lady´s face precisely, for doing something which he is obviously in teh wrong?

And she identifies herself as “foreigner”?! Gimme a break! Nope, you ain´t atoga sweetie, you do have a bit of a software clash there, though.


I was just thinking, as a general aside to this thread, wouldn’t it make sense for people posting these articles to post excerpts or a summary? I know they probably can’t just post the entire text of the article lest forumosa feel the full legal might of the media powerhouse that is Taiwan News, but doesn’t anybody else feel dirty every time they click on one of these links and give them a ‘hit’?


I seriously doubt they care. They’re all about the clicks…and most of their material is cut and paste anyway.

Man, this woman has a serious chip on her shoulder. If you ever see her on the street, walk quickly in the opposite direction!


not really sure what to think here, but i’m leaning towards her getting brave enough to ask him to turn it down because he is a foreigner.

everyday i see some antisocial behavior such as watching videos loudly in public. and nobody says a damn thing. ever.

the only thing i could say in her defense is that people usually behave better on the MRT than elsewhere. it has a strange force-field around it where social rules apply there, but outside they do not. but still, thats also kind of ridiculous.


That’s why they’d care if we posted the full article here. They miss out on those precious, precious page views. But they still may not care.


I remember it got pretty heated and I think she got kicked from the page/group. Had something to do with a foreigner in the news. I think it was about the Canadian guy who was recently murdered.

If you look at her page, lots of furriner bashing going on. K-man made her out to be some angel.

One of her comments on her post about the 3D gun printing guy:

looks like tw is a land of refugees, foreign criminals and scumbags


Doesn’t she live here? Wonder which category she thinks she falls under.


Probably all of them…


I do wonder if she is one of the main investors in teh paper, as just today there wa another article regarding some guy who was caught with kiddie porn in his home and work computers and who was caught just as he was about to get on a plane to Taiwan. What a coincidence!