The K-man's finest hour(s)


She is known for xenophobic ranting against foreigners though. So she has previous.


The Jewish community in Taiwan called her out about it.


Quoted from the above article in the News Lens…

However, Lee would descend into outright antisemitism in claiming in subsequent comments appended to her open letter that “all Jews have a head for business” and wondered, “Why do Jews need to scam people?” Lee would also refer to “Jewish scum” on her Weibo account and state that “Jewish sales tactics could bring the dead back to life.” Lee’s comments would lead to a statement by the Chabad Taipei Jewish Center criticizing her statement for its discriminatory comments against Jewish people.

To back her claims, Lee would cite anything from WikiLeaks reports to random crime reports about crimes committed by Israelis to conspiratorial YouTube videos. Nonetheless, as a media personality, this would not prevent her claims from being picked up on and reported in Taiwanese media nonetheless.

Indeed, one notes that Lee has a history of discriminatory comments against foreign men in taiwan, making wanton accusations about foreign men harassing Taiwanese women. Lee also indicates a more general anti-foreigner bias in her open letter, opening her letter by stating that since moving back to Taiwan in July 2017, she has been “closely concerned with the illegal behavior of foreigners in Taiwan.”


So she’s like one of those anti-gay, male politicians who secretly love sausage parties? How would she know about illegal behavior unless she was in the same room?

I get it, she was trying to deflect attention from her brother. The thing is that fake “Texan” could have just said sorry and turned it down.


How you combat morons, who are unaware of what side their bread is buttered on, is by letting them prove themselves wrong.


so this chick has problems with foreigners, she has some beef with the jews and even people in her family aren’t in love with her.

does anyone know is she browses 4chan? if not, someone should suggest it to her, she’d enjoy it.


There has been an update on the Buxiban Butchers of Yonghe courtesy of our pal K Man. Just saw it courtesy of the good people (and troll admins) of the Whiteys are bad, lets see what bad whiteys (and blacks) are up to in Taiwan Facebook page.

So now it looks like our abattoir enthusiasts also had a few social beers first, in order to get the Canadian drunk (a sure way to a Canuckistanian’s heart sans doubt) to ensure a smooth chop sesh.

Trouble I have now with the ‘official story’ is the timeline seems a bit busy.


You are implying we are a nation of simpletons. Wait a minute – there is some truth to that. Those evil non-Canadians know our weaknesses. :cold_sweat:


quite the contrary my Wookie friend. Never trust a man who doesn’t drink.


Aye, I’ll drink to that!


Obvious overexageration.

“New Yorkers Rave” hahahahaha


I dunno. I think it’s pretty cool


Is cool. I just doubt 9M people, or even 1% 90,000 or probably not many more than 9, have expressed raving enthusiasm about it.


Scott Morgan creeping up fast. He will need to build guanxi with the "Taiwan whiteys acting bad and whiteys getting in trouble makes me feel better about myself " Facebook page and their troll mod if he wants to ascend the ranks of Taiwan Journos.


Dong used a coat to conceal his hand



Why only Japanese tourists? Is my money not good enough?
I used to live in China, and there are some creative pickpockets. I had a backpack cut open once but it was empty. I watched one at work on a bus once. He saw me and moved to the front of the bus. I was afraid he’d cut me as he passed by because I’ve heard they did do that if you interfere. Maybe he didn’t have a knife or want the attention, but he had no fear of getting caught.


Ugh. Talking about indigestion. Now the Kman is going all to way to Chinese apologist and PRC 5 cent army regurgitator. Seriously?! :nauseated_face:


Not every day you hear this said:

“China’s a good market. But it’s not as good as Alaska.”


Jeez, K-man! Apparently this article is about false advertising?

" John cries foul over fake bra size"

" John complains to cops about false advertising of woman’s breast size"

“Ad claiming woman had “D-Cup” breasts.”

“one of whom complained that he had been duped by false advertising about the sex worker’s breast size”

"Incredibly, the customer then shamelessly complained to police that the online advertisement claimed the woman had D-cup breasts, however, he discovered that she in fact only had A-cup breasts.

"Nevertheless, the Thai woman’s smaller breast size apparently did not hinder the man from engaging in sex with her. "


“visa-free waver program”…he should be struck off for this one. Visa-free waver (sic) is a nonsense of a term.