The K-man's finest hour(s)


Damn, hard times for my list then: just write it like this:

Idi Amin

Joseph Stalin

Sitting Bull

Sheesh! (That means Jesus of Nazareth)


They wear hats while playing basketball? Tell me more about this strange, exotic culture.


I believe he was Scottish…


That explains a lot. Although his penchant for Yankee baseball boots remains as a curious time space anomaly.


What is all dis rubbish, boy?



The last king of Scotland, very nice indeed.

I have to watch that.


I met an Australian once. He told me that back home in the penal colony, Americans are referred to as “seppos” - it’s cockney rhyming slang, he said. Yank becomes septic tank becomes seppo. Im guessing it’s a term of respect - probably only the elites in that country - people like Rupert Murdoch and russell crow - can afford such a high tech dunny


Wave/waive… chabuduo la!


It kind of makes sense if you think about it…they’re going to “wave bye bye” to visa fees.


I like to imagine very dickish immigration officials waving the forms in front of applicants, and refusing to hand them over. “Sorry, can’t have it!” “Oh, too slow!”


Not an atoha!!! we’re all saved.


But that’s only the equivalent of an atoga throwing a banana peel out the window in terms of TOPs (Taiwan Outrage Points).




That’s from a year ago.


You’re right!
I didn’t notice that.
I’m going to delete it.


The fact that this article was not written by K-Man shocked me. As soon as I read the “ants in pants” bit I was 100% that only the K-Man could have used that as the headline.

Is he training his minions?


I think there’s a simpler explanation. The local editors have better English than he does.


He wrote it. He gets to add oil to choice headlines.


Inside source?


I am K-man. He is I.