The K-man's finest hour(s)


Just because I have a full sleeve of ‘hello kitty’ and ‘the powerpuff girls’ doesn’t mean I’m some big wig Yakuza gangster. :sunglasses:


Nice sleeve, dude. Respect!




I always heard this is true, but in the two years I lived there I travelled to every major region except Tibet and the southeast, and I travel to several out-of-the-way places, and I was never refused at entry at a hotel. The only problem I ever had was at a hotel where they charged 50Y for Chinese and 200Y for foreigners. We talked them down to 150Y. I never tried staying at any of the really crappy hotels, nor the very expensive ones, so maybe that accounts for ‘most’ hotels.


in case any of you missed this great series starring the k-man, you’re welcome. there are a few videos with, dont’ really know how many. i just winded back and forth on a few random videos, in total i saw maybe 2 minutes. but that was hilarious. so in a nutshell, he’s a kung-fu master, proficient in chinese - makes sense since he’s 1/1932849348 chinese blood. AND nice to know, his paper is not about sensationalism or tabloid press because they don’t cover celebrities. they are an upright investigative office who uncover the truth no one else dares to speak out.


They’re having trouble reading their written script on whatever impromptu teleprompter they have.

Painful to watch after just one minute.


The guy has a pretty big ego for such a clown.


I made some comment in the Taiwan Observer Facebook group on an error in K’s ‘reporting’ following the murder of the Canadian guy a few months back and was kicked out of the group following a comment by one of the mods to the effect that I couldn’t prove that 1+2 didn’t = 5.

Odd they would kick anybody out as it’s a public group but it made me laugh.



Except Forumosa :smirk:


It is probably because he prefers self promotion with adoring audiences (aka the plebes that read Taiwan News). Forumosa is a tough audience! :laughing::laughing:


Apparently, we’re doing that for him.

That’s your tax dollars at work. They do this for yogurt but they can’t stop illegal parking. Read down to the bottom. What is K-man doing, walking around outside his office asking people what they think?


This is some whacky shit too.

““For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”” (Jeremiah 29:11


He couldn’t be asked to dress up a bit and run a comb through his hair? He looks like me and I just rolled out of bed.


He knew well in advance he had no chance with her, so he didn’t even try.


That actually is his carefully groomed look. You guys are gonna hurt his feelings.


That’s deep. Maybe kman will start quoting scripture too.


arsed, he couldn’t be arsed…

…is that Peggy like, the most annoying Chinese girl ever?


If we’re counting Taiwanese, I think Janet Hsieh holds that title.


Definitely, that voice, and talking like a little girl, argggg.