The K-man's finest hour(s)


Exactly…own it.


Cars too. It’s either no lights or high beams. I’ve heard it’s “illegal” to flash your brights at them. So I don’t flash my brights, I just turn them on until we pass each other.


What a useless headline.

“0.008% of foreigners in Taiwan granted dual citizenship over 2 years”, by [Kman]Taiwan News, Staff Writer, 2018/12/20 11:32

Few, some, many, not many… anything would be more useful.


It does say just 65 foreigners in the article qualified for the ‘special’ treatment . Which is a tiny number indeed out of almost 800,000 foreigners here.


The article fails to mention that compared with 20 years ago, Taiwan has liberalised on immigration in the right direction, especially compared with other Asian countries. I could criticize Taiwan on so many fronts, but let us also give credit where it is due. Not perfect, but is any system?


Still that gap is so tiny it needs whatever tech Any Man uses to get in.


There’s a lot more unofficial dual nationals, usual cha bu uo system.


You may be experiencing early onset osteoporosis, with your line of sight having been lowered to the point where the lights are only now bothering you.

Unless you were recently exposed to a radioactive cloud and then inhaled some pesticide spray…:eek:


I actually like this headline. It emphasizes that the number is ridiculously small.


All of the above.


Good lord, man!
By Crom, stay away from @Icon’s house!


Amazingly the K-man did a good job of showing how shit and unfair their immigration policies are.
Economy is crap, China is kicking the shit out of us and this is the best they can do …!


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Not to victim blame because he doesn’t deserve to get stabbed, but why was he being such a dick?


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Once again K-man leaves out important details -


This headline is perfect to show the blockage against foreigners here.


I predict one of those slots will open for kman and his extraordinary literary contributions soon.


Here I meant to say ANT man. Meaning you need to go subatomic to get in…Or have very good guanxi.