The K-man's finest hour(s)


Gives new meaning to the term 車震. :wink:


My preferred headline: “Suspected love triangle leads to Volvo mounting BMW.”

Chinese language news reports referred to the famously safe, but boxy Swedish marque by its local nickname, the “Swedish tank.”


K-man kicks off the New Year with a real barrel scraper…the third most dangerous jelly-fish in the world: “Good thing someone spotted them.”


He’s always reporting the best stuff.
On a side note, considering that the guy basically mocked the chinese education system while in beijing, is he going to disappear in the night and end up in a conc…ehm, “reeducation” camp?


Must be a real slow news week. Someone foreign needs to do him a favor and fuck shit up.


Kudos to the K-meister on this one, spelling it out in black and white (or red and blue):

doubt he’ll be getting a China visa anytime soon…


Hope he doesn´t even try. Not even Hong Kong.


I would consider it an honor to go in and rescue him #ninjabear. This is my most successful thread ever…I can’t afford to lose him.



Sometimes you just read the title and immediately know, deep in your heart, that there’s only one person who can be in charge of reporting this kind of news.


Yea, and taking after Apple Daily sensationalism.


Think about it: this morning K-Man woke up and thought it was going to be a day like any other. Than someone called him and informed him that:

A) an atoha run over two motorbikes in keelong
B) the atoha’s wife harassed some eyewitnesses
C) the atoha flashed the victory sign

He can smell that Poolitzer getting closer and closer.




Nope. His anti foreigner bias sounds even worse. You can feel each sentence written like a blow, as if he was wielding a club. Bad foreigner! Bad!


I like that Poolitzer moniker.


You can almost see the glee burning in his eyes as he copies the FB comments


And the dreaded “V sign” was the peace sign too. Jesus, K man, what have you become?



I can never forget the stunning conclusion to this article:

Female friend of foreign driver staring at the camera. (Image from Facebook group 爆料公社)

Who says journalism is dead in Taiwan?



“The driver at fault turned left without making a signal and hit two scooter riders causing them to go airborne, and yet admitted no wrong! My older sister was a witness at the scene of the car accident and he called for his female friend, who poked my sister with her umbrella and even kicked her.”

Well, at least he’s integrating.


‘In another photo, the netizen describes the female companion of the driver as staring “fiercely” at the camera.’

My guy, that’s my guy.