The K-man's finest hour(s)


Really, I could think of about 10 synonyms for “smashing” there off the top of my head



I remember this photo from long ago. I couldn’t find the original clipping, but the caption began “Dan Quayle, left, holds a pumpkin…”


I could think of some great synonyms for K-Man but I’ll be banned for two weeks…


It’s time to put the word “netizen” to bed.


“Enraged Netizen Demands End to Usage of Word Netizen”


Definitely needs a jettison. And possibly a betizen too.


OK, I need some help here: “it was not until police came out with their own pot of fried peppers that the crowd finally started to disperse” Why did the popo bring their own pot of peppers?


Could it be it a reference to pepper spray? Very strange.

EDIT: I didn’t read to the end of the article. The police literally did bring a plate of hot peppers. WTF is that all about?

He needs to spell “scene” correctly.


If the police brought a pot of hot peppers, I’ll eat them.

Oh there’s a picture lol. This is next-level policing, I’m shocked.


It was effective policing. The crowd dispersed.


This was the weirdest news I’ve read yet.
Good that the family are now going to get some protection.

The police in Taiwan can be quite flexible and that’s oftej to their credit . Instead of water cannon and pepper spray a pot of chili pepper calmed folks down.


Can @Icon shed some light on why the police turned up to the pot luck party with their own dish?


I’m just guessing here… but maybe cooking chili peppers has a similar but lighter effect to pepper spray?


Alternative explanation: they cook terrible.

Alternative explanation 2: they cook awesome and people started to feel hungry and went for the closest noodle soup shop.


From the CNA part, I think it might be some kind of colloquial expression or yeah, they sprayed the crowd away. Will check otehr sources/ask a local.


CNA writes weird stuff and as our main source, we also write weird stuff.


there’s a picture of the pot.


Nah, it says they received the pot on behalf of the offender 警方隨後代表接下那一鍋炒辣椒 in the hope this would persuade the crowd to leave. Looks like someone misread the image.


Absolutely bizarre. But, it worked.


Even Apple Daily is missing that juicy bit.

Most papers left the story after the 7 gusy were aprehended.


China Times says they trie dto feed the hot peppers to the perv.

Anyways, it was a mess, many people hurt.


The weird thing is domestic abuse goes on every single night in Taiwan in every single town. This place is a domestic abusers paradise. How come shit got real in this one case?