The K-man's finest hour(s)


She did turn him in, and this is a K-man article, so who knows?


Dear Mr. K,

no. please no.


But he’s using fancy words like “precipitously”! Then, following up the next sentence with “the the”…

Two steps forward, two steps back.



Can’t help but feel this disgusting story is getting brushed under the carpet here just because it happened to a migrant worker. The dirty dog who did this better get a long ass time in prison or a severe and heavy dose of karma. Whether, it’s America or Taiwan, every media has its own agenda.

Seems there is so much rape and creepy shit going down in Taiwan. God knows how the poor woman is getting by day to day after knowing this happened to her. And he is 61? So it’s clearly something he has been doing for a long long time. The mind shudders… Exploiting vulnerable people, he deserves the electric chair. This is Taiwan though, he’ll probably get a suspended 1 year term. If it happened to a Taiwanese you can guarantee there’d be uproar.

Just imagine if that poor woman was your wife, sister or daughter.


And here we go again. The guy had vigilantes attacking his house. There is no sweeping under the carpet.


Mostly foreign. Ask how many locals care and you won’t find many advocates.

Taiwan has a storm in the making of its own doing. It is undisputed that there is a general attitude amongst Taiwanese to exploit and take advantage over the growing migrant population here. For now Taiwan has done it’s best to keep this minority down, forcing migrant workers (whether they are working in care or as factory workers, in some cases even students) to work long hours for little pay, whilst treating them like second class citizens. This abuse is enriched in the culture. A cocktail of classism and xenophobia.

But things will change soon enough. Considering Taiwan’s low birth rate, skilled workers leaving, not to mention at least 140 000 children in Taiwan being of South East Asian decent, Taiwan will eventually have to fully integrate these migrant workers they so love to belittle and look down on into their culture and country fully.

There is absolutely a sweeping under the carpet attitude here regarding migrant workers rights; if you stepped out of the Taiwanese bubble that you’ve probably been encased in for decades (I’m guessing you’re old, feel free to correct me) then you might see that.


No, I agree with regards to appalling treatment of migrant workers, 100%. But this is a one-off case of a real sick fuck getting away with what he can get away with.


You have some weird flexing going on in these posts. Welcome to the forum…for now.


There was a maid that was raped by a legislator here. He was prosecuted and given serious jail time. I don’t think this ‘doctor’ will get away with it believe me!


It’s odd that the children were surnamed Chang if the father was named Hsieh. Or it could have been written more clearly.


Largest full moon of the Year combined with Lantern Festival and people with no family or friends might feel lonely.


Reading this news: golden
Reading this news in K-man´s style: priceless


Those guys are such clowns…


In related T-news; someone royally fucked up with this headline:


Wow, Ruifang makes the news “Police traced the source to a production plant in Ruifang (瑞芳)”.


Damn foreigners! If they want to come here and use dru…oh, wait.

*puts pitchfork away and waits for another “Canadian busted with a pot plant” article.


Etizolam…sounds like an interesting little drug :man_dancing:


That’s a lot of mephodrone (bath salts, MCAT, meow meow, synthetic cathinones ).

Some posters were doubting the coffee packet drugs were a thing… Heres the proof.

I hadn’t heard of etizolam before. It’s kind of unusual. Usually junkies use benzo type drugs to relax themselves.
I’m guessing that a lot of people have become hooked on benzos through the local sleep /anxiety clinics and they are servicing this market beyond the typical heavy drug users. Just a guess.


Maybe, but it looks like a club drug to me.