The McDonald's at Minsheng/Dunhua STINKS

no idea what that even is. hey i’m sure its all good though. this year i tried american bbq food for the first time and that blew my mind.

Yeah, a scone is somewhat denser, would you say?

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Yes, more dense imo.

It’s a tender piece of steak fried like fried chicken!


somebody should start selling this in taipei so i can eat it.

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Can’t even get that in Taiwan. Closest thing I can come to Chicken Fried Steak is batter and fry some boneless chicken leg quarters and serve with mashed potatoes and country gravy.

I have to make all of those myself, very time consuming, raw materials are not available in Taiwan.

The Diner in Taipei has it last time I checked. But imo just ok in taste. But maybe you will like it more because you’ve never had it.

As a long term expat American fried who moved briefly to Pingtung once said: How bad does the local food have to be for Mcdonalds to have lines almost out the door daily?

I agree. And i like eating there too. But its still not considered good food. I think it kind of shows the transparancy behinds taiwans excellent food destination scam.


I think the main issue is people have the habit of eating out and not the quality of food. Taiwan has some excellent restaurants with excellent food, but you need to comb through all the cheap eats because there are so many who target the eating out market. You have to keep it cheap if you eat all every meal.

That basically sums up the majority of food in Taiwan doesnt it. :frowning: sums up the organ failure rates too haha.

Indeed there are a lot of places like that. But like I said, got to comb through. Eating at home is best.

But it’s nothing like how I eat here in Italy. I just went outside to pick some rosemary for my cooking.

I usually get a Maryanne to do mine.

I’m still fascinated by poster above calling McD a treat that he can’t afford. Riveting stuff! :popcorn:

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Give me a recipe for gravy easily made in Taiwan. How about biscuits too. Don’t have the Pillsbury Doughboy or much of a kitchen.

What’s the white ‘gravy’ substance made from ? :smile:

For “Taiwan’s Worst McDonald’s” I vote for the one in Keelung, not far from the night market. People using it as a free hotel, unspeakable bathrooms, garbage cans overflowing, nasty floors…


Arkansas Diner, next time you’re in Kaohsiung, has honest-to-goodness chicken fried steak and biscuits with sausage gravy, as well as other southern dishes. Guy who runs it is a true southerner and told me he absolutely will not change his recipes to cater to Taiwanese tastes. I go there for breakfast every time I’m in Kaohsiung.

Arkansas Diner


You’ve just described Keelung in one sentence.

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This makes sense because Kaohsiung is, in some ways, Taiwan’s version of Arkansas.


jesus, tf is that nonsense?

Butter. A shit ton of butter. We Americans can’t get enough of butter.

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