The narratives about Antifa thread

Right, but now we’re learning that alt right militias were infiltrating protests and encouraging them to do violent things while criticizing their demands. Thoughts on that?

You just replied to my thoughts on that a few posts ago.

Both should be equally and rapidly crushed into irrelevance.

You’re not really addressing the issue. This is new information

New examples of an age old problem. Extremists on all ends of the spectrum should be made illegitimate and impotent.

I understand that and agree. I’m just saying that many in this thread are making it seem like anyone who protests is a criminal. I presented evidence that there were agitators, at least one, planted in the crowds. To me things l this really challenges what is being presented here

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I agree with you on all counts and don’t think all protestors are criminals or those with right wing ideologies are right.

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Andy Ngo has already been fired for posting misleading twitter videos out of context. It’s alarming that good tweets are posted here and taken as fact.

I look at what appears in videos, not the messenger.

BUt how do you know what to think then?

It’s quite easy. Raving nut case leftists making a show of themselves needs no explanation.

Maybe…I suppose if they had a common uniform it might be easier to spot them.

What antifa has always been projection for:

Residents of a California city with a majority non-white population have accused supporters of President Donald Trump of intimidation after they took part in a large caravan on Sunday.

Police said as many as 350 vehicles took part in the parade which began at the Marin County Vintage Oaks Shopping Center in Novato and ended at the Gateway Shopping Center in Marin City on Sunday.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle , local residents reported that supporters used racist language, including towards children, while taking part in the parade just days before the election.

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Did you watch the video? It was obscenities and eggs being hurled at Trump supporters.

Biden’s useful idiots would come for him:

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Peaceful protesting is white supremacy. Voting for Sleepy Joe does not give you a pass either.